Worried About Missing Your Snail Mail? Here’s What You Can Do


We live in a digital world where most communication takes place online, via email, social media, phone calls, SMS, and chat apps. But for so many reasons, the traditional postal mail services are not dead, and won’t be any time soon. For instance, gifts and other packages cannot be delivered digitally, unless in utopia. Some checks, bills, and other documents need to be delivered physically to the intended recipient.

Additionally, postal corporations still offer a wide range of special services that alternative delivery services don’t or can’t. This is not to mention that physical documents and letters still have a bigger impact and meaning to the recipient compared to digital communication alternatives. But one of the biggest challenges people face with mails and packages sent through snail mail is that they are easy to miss. For instance, you may never get your mail if the sender indicated the wrong address on the envelope or package. Also, the mail or package may have to sit there until when you are available or get the time to open your mailbox.

Missed mail remains to be a huge struggle for many people who use snail mail services. The good thing is that there’s always a way around it. Here are some things you can do, so you are no longer worried about missing your snail mail.

1. Get a Virtual Mailbox 

Long-term travelers and digital nomads are common victims of missed mail. This is because most of the time, they may not be around to open the mailbox. The mails and packages get delivered, but they sit there until the recipient returns. If this sounds anything like you, one of the best things you can do is get a virtual mailbox.

A virtual mailbox is just as it sounds. As explained by Mathew from expertvagabond.com/best-virtual-mailbox-service/, a virtual mailbox ensures that you don’t miss critical mail and packages sent to your main address while away from home. The contents of your mail can be scanned and forwarded to you so you can view them on a computer from wherever you are. Packages can also be forwarded to a physical address like a hotel or co-working space, or PO Box you can easily access from your destination. Depending on the virtual mailbox service you use, you might even be able to deposit checks without cutting your trip short.

2. Change Your Address before Moving 

Another common reason many people miss snail mail is this one. They forget to switch addresses with the mail service when moving to a new home or location. In this case, utility companies, clients, and other associates might keep sending mail and packages to your old address, which could cause a lot of unforeseen inconveniences before you realize it. When creating a checklist for moving, remember to include a change of address as one of the priority items. You will have yourself to pat on the back.

3. Get a Private Mailbox 

If you are using a public or federal PO Box from a service like USPS only, you may want to get a private mailbox. This is especially if you are expecting deliveries from carriers like FedEx and UPS, which USPS doesn’t accept. If they do, you could find that your mail from USPS is missing because they don’t guarantee protection for such deliveries. This puts your packages at a higher risk of theft or weather damage. Nonetheless, it all depends on your needs in this case, but you could be safer with a private mailbox.

4. Embrace Technology 

As we mentioned above, missed mail could lead to missed bills or invoices. This could result in late payment charges and accrued penalties. When subscribing to services that require a monthly payment, it is smarter to provide your email as the billing address where possible. Many companies have gone paperless these days and will even send bill notifications to your phone via SMS accompanying the email. It is even friendlier to the environment.

Last but not least, always ensure you provide the correct email address whenever required to. Many people have been victims of receiving other people’s deliveries in their mailboxes. In some cases, the sender either indicated the wrong address or the intended recipient provided an incorrect address. Sometimes the mail delivery service could have gotten it wrong, and in this case, your mail will always end up in the lost & found center or in other people’s mailboxes. This makes it important to always verify your addresses with the postal service and your prospective senders.

Photo credits: Pexels