How to Design an Effective Office Layout

Many business owners associate office design with extra costs that do not bring about any benefit regarding productivity and work quality. However, this could not be further from the truth. The layout of an office can directly affect employees’ mental state, either making them more enthusiastic to finish tasks or inclined to simply up and leave!  Because it is your responsibility to make sure that your staff has the best work environment possible, you should invest in optimizing their office space. If you do not know how to effectively design an office layout, check out the next few points for some simple hacks you can employ.

Determine the Design You’re Going for

Different businesses call for different office layouts. What might work for a startup will not necessarily work for your company. So, think about what your employees need. Do they need an office space that allows them to quickly move around and share ideas or a one that provides a quiet environment where they can focus on their tasks? If your business has a fast-paced work environment, you need to create an open office to enable your staff to cooperate seamlessly. This means that you must steer away from closed cubicles and room dividers. On the other hand, if the tasks your employees handle usually call for their undivided attention, you should get individual workstations with soundproofing.

Hire Professionals

There are many design layouts you can go for, which might end up making you feel overwhelmed. So, why not leave all the heavy lifting for professionals? Based on the information found at this URL, hiring office fit-out professionals to design your workspace will not only spare you the headache of planning everything yourself, but it also guarantees that you are going to get the result you are hoping for. Experts can help you decide which design best fits your business and office space, turning your vision into a reality. Just make sure that the people you end up hiring have extensive knowledge about office design. You can always check online reviews to ascertain that you are picking the right service.

Add Variety

Admittedly, open office layouts are not everyone’s cup of tea. Even if you believe that your employees’ tasks do not require much focus, some people may still feel uncomfortable working in an open area. As revealed in a recent study, office layouts that do not take employees’ needs into account are a big cause of absenteeism. If your employees are not comfortable with the place they are working in, it can lead to dips in productivity. This is why it is often recommended that you add variety to your office layout, including both open areas for social butterflies and more private spaces for those who need a quiet environment to focus.

Get the Right Furniture

You have to be extra careful about the furniture you are going to pick for your office. Because you must ensure your staff’s comfort, opt for chairs that offer back support and can be reclined and adjusted according to height to reduce pressure on the spine. Moreover, make sure that your employees’ desks are big enough to allow their computer monitors to sit at least 24 inches away from their chairs. Don’t get desks that are too low as well, as they will cause your employees to hunch over to see their computer screens. You may also purchase standing laptop desks and add a few couches around the office if your staff is always moving around.

Improve the Lighting


Poor lighting causes a myriad of health problems, including eye strain and headaches, not to mention that it can make people more irritable. To combat this, you can add a couple of windows to let in natural light. You may also get natural light bulbs to keep the place well-lit. If you end up investing in private offices, opt for glass doors to ensure that they will not block the light. 

Choose Bright Colors

The colors you choose for your office space say a lot about your company. Do you want to come off as laid back and cheerful or serious and professional? No matter what your answer might be, you should steer away from dark colors because they will make the mood in your work area overly somber. You do not have to paint the walls bright orange, of course, but there are many light colors you can pick from like pastel hues.

Providing your staff with a healthy work environment is extremely important. So, it makes sense that you might want to start with your office layout design. Whether your employees are adamant about maintaining their personal space or want to freely move around and collaborate with their colleagues, the above tips will help you design an effective office layout. Of course, you may always consult a professional if you want a more polished final look.

Photo credits: Pixabay