How to use job boards effectively when looking for a job

Searching for a new job nowadays can be tricky, even more so during a pandemic. With many businesses being shut and having to stay at home it can be difficult to find available jobs, that is why using job boards to look for vacancies have become so popular. It is convenient and free to use, making it easy for you to search for your new job from the comfort of your own home. Although competition is tough on job boards, so make sure that you are using them properly. Here are a few simple tips on how to use job boards effectively when looking for a job. 

Optimise your CV

Most online job boards require you to submit a CV, which usually includes information regarding your skills, qualifications, and any experience that you may have. When businesses advertise a job on a job board, such as Hiring People, they typically receive hundreds of applications a day. Therefore, you must make sure that your CV includes all of your relevant information, in order for it to stand out amongst the rest.  

Make an effort

In order to catch recruiter’s attention, be sure to make an effort. Following on from the last tip, make sure that your CV and application stands out on the job board. Writing a cover letter is also a great way to catch recruiters attention, as it shows you have taken the time to write them a personal letter. It also shows recruiters that you have read the job description and that your cover letter and CV match the role requirements. You can also include any information that may not have fit onto your CV into your cover letter.

Connect with people

Not only are job boards a great way for you to easily apply for jobs, but they are also a great way for you to build up your connections. Building connections is an important part of job boards, as it allows you to become more recognisable to recruiters and other people. Connections are also a great way of finding available jobs, as often people may refer you to other vacancies or may know of someone who is currently hiring. You never know what a connection may lead you to.  

Act quickly

Like previously mentioned, competition on job boards is high. With many people often applying for the same roles, it can be difficult to get your application in. This means you must act quickly and get your application in as soon as possible. A great way of getting your application to recruiters quickly is by turning on job vacancy alerts. This means you will get an email or notification as soon as a new vacancy has been posted on the job board. 

Hopefully with these few simple tips you will now know how to optimise your application and how to use job boards more effectively, helping you to get one step closer to your dream job! 

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