First Steps In Investing Have Never Been This Easy And Accessible

Having several sources of income has always sounded nice, but having them usually means devoting more and more time to work, that is – finding at least two jobs at the same time. This is not only physically hard, but sometimes even downright impossible to organize if you live a busy life and have a family. To overcome this obstacle one should turn one head towards acquiring a passive income, one that can bring money without you having to slave away for it. 


The answer is simple – investing. Buying stocks, funds, or other assets that gradually increase their value and can be liquidized at a moment’s notice is the dream of many, but the reality of few. Yet, with the development of the investment market, it has become increasingly easy to start investing, even with little starting capital. Here we will cover how you can effortlessly you can start investing right away.

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Why Invest Anyway?

Some people may be convinced against investing. It’s too risky, it’s not “earned” money, it’s too complicated. But to everyone else, it offers a great way of earning more by being smart and predicting how the market will work. If you are a business owner the thing becomes even more interesting as investing in your business is another form of this, but one you have more control over. And indeed, business owners have to regularly invest in their establishment if they want to remain competitive. 

In 2021 there are defined four key areas to invest in, and following them you can increase the value of your assets by even a factor while being less risky than putting the same amount in the stock market. Investing in employees or marketing has a direct effect on a company’s financial performance. 

Stock Exchange On the Phone

One of the biggest advantages of the digitalized era is how easy and accessible it has become to virtually anyone when it comes to investing. In the olden days, you used to have to physically be present at the stock market while the exchange was happening, and it had to be your business. In due time, brokers took over and became representatives for their customers, though you still needed to communicate quickly with them, either by being close by or by having a telephone at hand. And what happened when the smartphone was invented?

For starters, a lot of data could be digested and displayed right in the palm of your hand, so investors could even start working from home or a coffee shop. Various investment apps appeared and were at first scrutinized, but later found favorable, as seen on the Joy Wallet Stash review, because of the ease of their use. And not only do they make it more accessible to invest, but they also offer guidance on how to do it. How to partially invest, what’s hot on the market, what to do with a retirement fund, etc. 

Cryptocurrencies and You

Bitcoin, Etherium, Dogecoin… the list goes on and on. A very large number of electric and cryptocurrencies are on the market today and they offer a fantastic investment opportunity, granted you know what you’re doing. Although most of them are still a mystery to many, how do they work, is there anyone “behind them”, when will countries start accepting them, they still follow the basic rule of supply and demand. If there is excess demand for them, their value rises, and if there is an excess supply of them, their value plummets. 

Certain parts of the world are experiencing a sharp rise in the popularity of cryptocurrencies, and investing in those regions is very lucrative. While you may not have the power in your PC processor or graphics card to decypher the codes while mining for a Bitcoin, at least not any meaningful amount, you are still able to buy them and see their value rise in time. As new currencies appear, the market seems very volatile and you will maybe have to decide at a moment’s notice when to buy a prospective asset. 

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Entry-Level Margin

Unlike earlier markets, where one had to have a significant starting capital to invest in stocks, measured in the tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars, today that issue has been much liberalized. Of course that a large starting capital will bring in a much larger profit once the stocks increase in value, but seeing how many new stocks, currencies, and other assets can have an unpredictably sharp rise – even penny stocks can bring in a considerable profit. 

So, to shorten, today you can start trading with as little as 1$ or 5$ with some brokers. This is, of course, a symbolic amount and will not amount to anything meaningful, but with careful investing monthly this turns into a noticeable source of income in a few years. We suggest seeing what brokers and apps have to offer and stick with those who have a low entry margin, at least until you figure out if it is worthwhile investing more.

Other Forms of Investing  

Investing has many shapes and forms, from investing into a child’s education so they can become a well-payed professional in the future, to investing for retirement for yourself and your spouse. Real estate is a very hot topic in recent years, and if you have a chance to hop onto that wagon – you should do it.

But retirement investment funds are the ones most people should consider if they have a stable income. Everyone should be able to retire once they get old and have had enough of work, but as pensions are known to be very small or practically non-existent, having a private fund that has been growing for years is essential if you want to be able to continue living normally. Using an asset allocation model is a great option for people who like to invest, as it gives them a chance to choose where to redirect their retirement funds, to what stocks or assets they deem most promising in the long run.


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All would-be millionaires have to start somewhere, and after acquiring some basic starting capital it is only logical to take the next step and start investing. Not only will you be getting back much more than you can earn while working a 9 to 5 job, but you will also have a passive income even you decide not to commit to it actively.

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