What all new businesses need to succeed

Congratulations on embarking on your new business venture. It takes a lot of planning and determination to build a business from scratch, even if you’re focusing on working from home. As a someone who is going to be the main point of contact and focus throughout your business venture – everything from the stationary supplies to the negotiations with potential clients is your responsibility – there is always going to be something that needs your focus and attention.

But what are the tools you need to succeed? Read on to find out.

Tools of the trade

Whether you’re a freelance writer and you’re referencing academic sources and journals or you’re in talks with a client and you’re referencing a business article to help enhance a point you’re trying to make, accuracy is everything. It can mean the difference between a contract and loosing it to someone else. It also paints a picture of how much pride you take in your work. Scribbr’s website can help you generate citations accurately from a wide range of sources. Ensuring high quality results every time. It’s a good investment for any homebased business.

A business plan

Every business owner should have an idea of where they would like their business to be within 6 months. And even 5 years. You might not be thinking about investments and shareholders at this stage of your operation, however creating a detailed business plan will in fact give you focus and the drive you need to succeed.

An online presence

Neglecting your online presence in business is simply guaranteeing your failure. Even if you’re not specifically selling products or you have an interest in e-commerce, having a user friendly website is the best way for potential customers to find you and it’s the best way for you to reach out to them. You can highlight your services, your business ethos, add images or a blog to give your business more of a personal touch, you could even include customer testimonials to illustrate your authenticity.

An office

Yes, you’re working from home. However you still need a dedicated work space. When we picture working from home its easy to imagine sitting in our PJs and working happily from the couch in the living room. However, anyone who has experience in working from home will tell you that your productivity will start to suffer! Distractions, life, boredom and procrastination are rife when you work from the comfort of your own home. So take some time to dedicate an area that is for you and your business. A desk with a comfortable chair, all the tech you’re going to need, stationary and somewhere light and airy will certainly keep you focused – and motivated.


When you work for a business, it’s easy to be steered into deadlines and be told what needs to go where and when. But when you work for yourself, from home it’s a whole different ball game. You now need to be ontop of all your meetings, deadlines, emails and appointments. Not forgetting balancing it with your home life. Invest in calendars and digital ones too, notice boards and phone reminders.