Stand out from the crowd with old school marketing

Marketing these days is all about the digital. The focus is all online. Of course this has been driven by changes in consumer behaviour and our obsession with technology and our smartphones. Digital marketing is affordable and can reap great rewards. Its also great for marketers and businesses to manage and steer because of the ability to measure successes.  When you are paying for advertising it is great to know that tools like Google Tag Manager or Facebook pixels can track impressions, clicks and conversions. This can really help you to work out how to focus your efforts. But it can also be a bit all-absorbing and we should remember that although immensely insightful it can never fully measure the whole picture, as there will always be activity and influences going on behind the scenes. The digital landscape is highly saturated with everyone competing for website and social media traffic. It can be a bit of a bun fight with your competitors, constantly watching what they are doing and trying to do the same thing but better.

Businesses these days can’t avoid digital marketing, it is an essential part of the mix. But there are definite pitfalls. The digital world is ever-changing and keeping up can be an endless task. It’s also essential that you know what you are doing, as poorly conceived campaigns and ill-informed SEO can often do more harm than good.  So, if you want to do something different that might separate you from the very large noisy crowd, then going non-digital can offer interesting opportunities. The fact that less companies are using traditional channels means that you are more likely to stand out if you do it well.


Branded gifts and tools

In complete contrast to the ephemeral world of digital is the tangible presence of physical branded products. Something you can hold; a reminder of your existence. Putting your branding and content that draws attention to your business on products isn’t a new idea, but it can work well. The key is to carefully consider your target audience and think creatively. Companies like Action Promote can offer branding on almost any item. Everyone likes getting something for free, and there is some psychology in the giving of gifts that makes people more receptive to future engagement.

Try tailoring your gift to an event or purpose. A reusable coffee cup or a tote bag for an exhibition would be highly useful.You could add some humour or comment in addition to your logo. Of course you don’t just want to be giving freebies to all and sundry. It is important to consider how you will get to your target audience. If they include a particular demographic likely to be interested in a certain sport, then some paraphernalia around that can be productive. Notepads are appropriate for many situations, and if you select good quality ones and think about where you want them to end up, you can be seen in many meetings and offices.


Branded gifts are a good opportunity to put your company in people’s views, especially on a product that will be used repeatedly. However, you have to accept that this is not a measurable marketing activity. It’s about building your brand and adding value to it. It is setting you apart from the competition, rather than measuring you alongside it. With clothing, technology and so many options, get creative and be remembered.


Paper and print

Yes actual paper stuff. We are all well aware that readers of offline newspapers and magazines are declining, but they are still ticking along and there are still readers out there. The magazine industry is changing drastically. It has been disrupted and altered, as so many other industries have, by the digital age. But part of this has been a rise in special interest publications and even some new entrants to the market. Kindling Quarterly, is an example of those that publish less frequently and focus on better quality, visually pleasing formats. These are valuable to be seen in as they are longer-life publications that will be passed around and read by many on coffee tables and the likes, reaching a wider audience than standard magazines.


Another of the notable changes in the industry is that advertising in print used to be a highly costly affair, but now it is much more negotiable and the ball is in your court. Like so much, its about targeting. Whilst less people might be reading magazines, plenty still are. If you are savvy and do your research to find a publication that talks to your potential customers, its worth knowing their specifications and when they go to press. Then leave it close to the deadline to try and strike up a great deal. It can also be well worth considering local business and community magazines. At the moment, these can be super keen to sell advertising space putting you at a definite advantage to get a great deal. These magazines still get passed around and are part of the local scene. Platnium Business Magazine is a good example in the South East.

We’re not suggesting for a minute that you take your eyes of the digital side of things. We’re simply saying don’t be so stuck online the you miss other opportunities to connect with people and stand out. Sometimes its worth taking the risk of doing things that aren’t measurable (shock) and go a bit old school.