Make Your Teams More Productive With These 5 Awesome Tips

As the manager of the department, you have tried probably every trick in the book to keep your team members actively participating in all the activities of the project. You have been successful in doing that but you want more from your team members. You know that they have incredible potential but they are not giving their 100%. Maybe the following tips can help. Let’s begin:

  • What Are Their Strengths And Weaknesses?

You haven’t probably thought about this yet but you should give it a try. Assess all the strengths and weaknesses of every team member. This will give you a better picture of what tasks and responsibilities should be allocated to each one of them. When you are aware of their skill sets, you can assign the most relevant duties to them so that they can give their best to the project.

  • Work On A Great Working Environment

You must have read about this in various blogs and articles on the internet. Unless your team members find a conducive work environment and a healthy atmosphere, they will not be able to work to their maximum potential. The physical environment of an office or workplace dramatically impacts everyone’s performance. It is all about the “vibe” as a lot of youngsters say these days. You do not have to plant fresh flowers or welcome them with personalized lunch boxes. It is all about creating a healthy atmosphere that encourages conversations and discussions and welcomes opinions.

  • Provide Them With A Project Management Tool

Now, this project management tool can be anything. It can be task management software or a unified platform that allows them to stay connected with one another. It can be a personalized and highly efficient team extension software as well. The point is to keep them motivated, inspired, and active throughout the project. Your aim should be to enable collaboration between all the team members and facilitate chats and discussions across your divisions so that your project can be completed before the deadline.

  • Feedback And Communication Are Important

Establish channels of feedback and communication across your divisions. It does not have to be a formal channel or a forum for discussion. It can be a casual approach as well. You can invite all your team members to gather around and organize an impromptu get-together in the office. This is going to keep them driven and highly productive. Welcome criticism as much as you welcome compliments.

  • A Reward Is Quite Welcome

If you thought that rewarding your employees for a job well done is an ancient approach, you must think again. Nobody is going to say no to a well-deserved compliment or even a little bonus that comes their way. According to independent studies, close to 85% of employees feel more motivated if they get a reward for their hard work at the office.

Final Thoughts

So there you go! These tips are not just awesome but practical. They are going to make your teams more productive before you even know it. Try them right away.

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Author Bio: Simone is a Freelance technical content writer in Outreachmonks for more than 2 years now. His experts in with all Marketing and business have bagged him several honors from famous tech journals globally.