How To Manage Safety in a Coworking Space

In 2024, it is quite rare to have an office space rented out or occupied by people who all work for the same company. Indeed, the most common option for many office blocks is what is known as coworking. This is simply when people who work for different firms or companies use the same space, usually on set days of a week. For instance, someone who runs their own writing business may use an office on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and on Tuesday and Thursday, this space is used by a graphic designer.

However, this change in people using the space can make it tougher to oversee safety issues, so what is recommended? Here are some tips!


Rules and Signs!

First, if you are renting out this space to multiple people, you need to ensure that you have a set of rules in place that they need to adhere to. These rules can be put into their rental agreement and, you can also put-up mandatory signs. A no-smoking sign is a good example and, such signs can be found at websites like This way, everyone who rents the space is aware of what they need to do, and there should (hopefully) be no issues.

Keep Spaces Clear

One of the most common incidents in the workplace is falling. So, if you are aware that the people who will be renting your space will be likely to walk through an area or give meetings in an area, you will need to make sure that these spaces are clear. If possible, it is worth hiring a professional cleaner to maintain the space once a week or you can put it as a rule in the rental or lease agreement

Make Sure Medical Staff Are Reachable

It may be the case that your office space will be lucky enough to have medical staff onsite, such as a nurse. However, if this does not come with the space, make sure that the numbers to call for medical help are easy to find, and are placed throughout the space. That way, if someone gets injured, they can access medical help quickly and effectively.

Ensure the Space is Accessible

If you are renting an office space in a tower block, you will need to make sure that the space is accessible. This way, all people who rent the space will be able to access it without jeopardizing safety. In most cases, make sure that any lifts work, that bathrooms are easy to get to, and that there are ramps outside of the building. As before, you need to make sure that all of these walkways are clear so that those who are in wheelchairs can use them safely.

Ergonomic Furniture

When you are renting office space, you may also be renting out office furniture, such as desks, chairs, and even computers. One way that you can make sure that everyone who uses the space is able to work safely is to install ergonomic furniture. This will help them to maintain good posture and will prevent carpal tunnel as well as strains in the neck and arms.


Photo credits: Coworking London