How To Keep Your Apple Products Safe From Harm

Apple has created so many great devices in recent years, but some users worry about how to keep them safe and secure. In this article, we’ll share cold hard facts to reassure you of just how well Apple secures its products.

Don’t Drop Your Device

Apple products are made with a lot of internal and external electronics so if you drop them, numbers and pieces can fly all over the place. Chargers, cables, antennas, and even phones themselves can be damaged or even break if dropped harshly enough. 

So, before you even think about picking up your device after it’s fallen on the ground, make sure to take a few minutes to clean it up!

  • Before picking up your device, make sure to lean it against something sturdy so that any loose parts don’t fall off while you’re picking it up. 
  • If the device is still active, unplug it from power and turn it off before picking it up. Doing so will prevent any accidental data destruction or loss while you’re trying to clean off any debris.
  • With everything powered down and turned off, use a dust cloth or your hand to gently wipe down all surfaces that may have been touched by liquid or dust. And if there’s anything sticky involved, like liquid, use a vacuum cleaner with the hose attachment to suck up as much of the mess as possible. Be sure to use caution around the battery.
  • Once everything is clean and debris-free, power up the device, just to make sure it is working properly. If upon powering on, it appears as though there are no problems, go ahead and wipe off any additional debris from the battery compartment before closing it back in.
  • Once everything is powered up and displays proper operating status, replace the device battery. This part can be tricky, especially if there’s any accompanying liquid damage. 

Keep Your Device Clean

Apple products are known for their sleek design and their advanced technology. With all of that power comes the potential for disaster if your device is not properly taken care of. Keep your device clean to help prevent any accidents. 

Keeping your device clean doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are a few tricks: 

Take care of the screen: Make sure you don’t touch the screen with your hands or anything else dirty. Use a screen protector if you need to, and keep the device in a dust-free environment.

Avoid water and oil: Don’t let your device get wet, and make sure you don’t use any oil on it. These substances can damage the surface and cause problems down the line.

Keep it tidy: Remove unnecessary files, apps, and junk from your devices often to free up storage space and decrease the risk of accidents. This will also help improve the speed of your devices.

Don’t Connect Unauthorized Accessories

If you have any unauthorized accessories or devices plugged into your Apple products, be sure you know how to keep them safe. Apple recommends disconnecting unauthorized accessories to keep your device and information safe. 

Follow these easy steps to protect your devices:

  • Look for the “unsafe plug” symbol on the battery of unauthorized chargers.
  • Open “System Preferences” and select “Security & Privacy.”
  • If you see this symbol, unplug the charger. 
  • If you don’t see the symbol, but suspect that a charger is not authorized, unplug it anyway. 
  • After unplugging, go back to “System Preferences” and enter your username and password to re-enable protection.

Back-Up Your Information

Apple devices are some of the most secure gadgets on the market, but they’re not completely immune to damage. If your device starts behaving abnormally or displaying signs of infection, you may want to back up your information before taking any steps to repair or restore it. 

Here’s how to do it: 

  • Open iTunes and connect your Apple device to your computer. 
  • Click on the “Music” tab and select “Back Up.” 
  • In the “Back Up Options” window, select the appropriate device backup option and click on “Start.” 
  • After the backup has been completed, disconnect your device from your computer and store it safely away.

There are also hard drives that can back up your data in case you have to restore your device.  This is good because it prevents you from restoring your device to a factory-new state and still having to re-download all of the apps, music, movies, etc. If you want to learn more about hard drives and backing up information, you can research online. You’ll have to decide if restore or backup is a preferable option for you. Either way, that hard drive can be your backup solution post-repair.

Keep Cable Lengths Short

Keeping cable lengths short is one way to ensure your Apple products stay safe from harm. This is especially important when using Apple devices near power cords and other cables. If the cables are too long, they can easily get entangled and create a dangerous situation.

No matter how careful you are, accidents happen. A fall, a spilled drink, maybe even a pet getting in the way, accidents happen. And even if you’re really careful about keeping your Apple products safe from harm, accidents can still happen. 

That’s why it’s important to have a plan for what to do if an incident does occur. These tips will help you keep your Apple products safe. 

Photo credits: Unsplash