How to Build Your Brand

If you’ve considered starting a business, or have already started one, you’ve probably heard about the idea of “Building your brand”. But what does it mean, why is it important, and how can you do it?

What is it?

Building your brand simply means leveraging communications so that your customers know exactly who you are, what you do, and what you stand for. Your brand is your identity, a personal extension of your business. It’s more than just your logo.

Why is it important?

Your brand is the part of your identity that your consumers or customers will remember. It helps you create credibility and lets your customers develop their trust in you and your expertise. Your brand identity also helps persuade new customers and keep your current customers happy. It also sets you apart from your competitors, which is extremely important in saturated markets.

How can you build your brand?

According to Maryville University, building your brand includes various types of digital communication. There are many types of communication you can use to get your message to your customers. Your brand involves not only what you do, but how you do it.


Utilizing a business blog as a part of your brand identity serves several purposes. First, it educates your customers about your business and why you do what you do. Use your blog to teach your customers about interesting happenings in your business, or tell them more about your history and why you do what you do. Regularly updating your blog keeps visitors coming back and encourages engagement from your customers.


Email is widely used by almost everyone, and eMarketer has reported that 62.9% like to receive emails from retailers. You can use email to make customers aware of discounts and offers, tell them about your blog posts, congratulate them on their birthday, or even offer exclusive content only available to email subscribers.

Social Media

Using social media can be a beneficial way to reach customers and build your brand by engaging them on a platform they use every day. Facebook has surpassed even YouTube as the number one place to watch videos. Posting on social media gives your customers a chance to share content with others, offer feedback, and help you see which type of content your customers enjoy the most based on the number of likes and shares you receive. Social media can also be used to build a community of people, allowing you to reach a wider audience and exposing customers to your product who may have missed it otherwise.

Building your brand is something that takes time. Strategically determine your values and how you’d like to communicate them to your customers, and launch your brand-building initiative based on that information. Even if you’ve established a brand, you can re-brand your image using digital communication to make your customers aware of your new image. Brand building is an important way to set yourself apart from your competition and provide your customers with a clear picture of what you stand for.

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