2. How Having A Desk Booking System Is Beneficial For Business

Desk booking is quickly becoming an essential return-to-work feature. The main reason is to adapt to today’s COVID-conscious working environment.

It allows employees to select where they sit when they come into work for the day. They can choose a desk at a distance from other employees, should they want to maintain social distance. For the employer, they can see how many people will be working in the office that day.

However, using a desk booking system has more benefits than just limiting the number of people in the office and where they will be sitting. These are some of the additional reasons why having a desk booking system can be beneficial for business.

Encourages Flexible Working

Each employee will have a different working style. Consider providing them with workspaces and flexible working policies that will match their style of working. Working in the wrong environment can cause people to become demotivated and frustrated. Over time, this will gradually impact your retention rates.

Having a desk booking system in place, like the ones from Matrix Booking, will help to identify your various workers. It will allow you to provide flexible solutions for those in need of it. Each of your employees will have their own set of challenges, both in and outside the office. Offering them different work options will help.

Productivity Levels Increase

If an employee can walk into the office, sit down at a desk and begin working almost immediately, boosts their productivity levels. Since they are not searching for free desks, employees can walk in and get straight to work.

For projects that require a group to collaborate, allowing people to choose which desk to work from will make working together easier. It will also avoid the team having to schedule meetings.

In addition to this, open-plan offices can cause rising noise disruption across the workspace. Offering workspaces in quieter locations, and the flexibility for employees to choose where they sit will help create a happier and productive workforce.

Reduces Operation Costs

On average, desk utilisation is generally poor in more offices. It leads to unused space and resources. Desks do more than take up space in the office. The business is also paying for space to fit the desk, investing in chairs, cables, computers and lighting.

The average cost of a desk and everything included is estimated to be £5,746. Knowing this figure, you can gauge an estimate about the total of all the desks in your office and decide what you could do with that amount. Investing in a desk booking system can help reduce these wasted costs, ensuring that you only have the desks and resources you need.

These are just a few of the many benefits of implementing a desk booking system into the business. Lowering costs, increasing productivity and creating a happier workforce are all things companies strive to achieve. When competitiveness and productivity are at an all-time high and talented staff are hard to find but even harder to retain, this should all sound like good news for your business.

Photo credits: coworkinglondon.com