Employee Appreciation: More than a Thank You Note

Appreciating employees is something that, despite its immense importance, is often overlooked by employers. Showing your employees that they matter to you is one of the critical ways of keeping your employees motivated and working hard, reducing employee turnover, and ensuring employee loyalty. In short, showing your employees saves you money by helping to keep your employees happy. Here are a few ways to show your employees that you appreciate all of their hard work.

Off-Road Course Experience

Corporate team building through experiences such as off-road driving is available through the Land Rover Experience. Show your team you care by taking them on an adventure they won’t soon forget.

If you already have off-road vehicles at your disposal, a shipment of Red Diesel fuel for off-road use will keep your team having fun for a long time. Plan a picnic, load up the four-wheelers, and head out to one of the top 11 places to off-road in the UK for an adventure-packed afternoon.

Give a social media shout out

Recognize employees who have gone above and beyond on your social media page with a tag and the reasons you appreciate what they do. Not only are you telling them how great you think they are, but you’ll be telling them on a platform where their friends and family will also see how much you appreciate them.

Bring them food

Everyone appreciates cake, donuts, a pizza party, or an impromptu Taco Tuesday. There doesn’t have to be a big reason for you to treat your staff, just make sure they know that you appreciate all their hard work when you bring in treats.

Parking program

Take the incentive to recognize the contributions of individual employees and award them with a private parking space right in front of your building. The reward is tangible proof that you appreciate them, and everyone can appreciate getting a great parking space!

Encourage them to grow

Incentivizing additional coursework to help them advance in their career, suggesting individual training to diversify their knowledge, and encouraging their professional growth shows them that you appreciate their work ethic and support them in their career advancement.

Give them a raise

Like the old saying says, “Money Talks.” Telling your employees verbally that you appreciate them may not have the impact that a raise will have. Good employees are worth their weight in gold, so give them a little more in their paycheck to show them. Gifts such as gift cards or extra paid time off will work well too – just a little something to show them that you see them and appreciate their extra effort.


Your employees are a vital part of your team, and your business can’t run without them. When you find good team members, showing them you appreciate them will help keep them working for you and keep them encouraged and satisfied in their job. Taking the extra time and money now to show them your appreciation will pay dividends in employee satisfaction and retention over the long run.

Photo creditis: Pexels