6 Interesting Ways The Proper Lighting Affects The Office Productivity

Having a comfortable workspace is crucial to ensure that productivity is maximized. Any nuisance at the workplace not only affects productivity but also affects the employees’ health and behavior. There are a lot of factors that impact productivity in the workplace but in this article, we will find out how exposure to lighting can influence productivity in the workplace. Without further ado, let’s begin.

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  • Promoting Wellness

Employee wellness is always a vital part of a company’s policy. Successful companies always ensure that they take care of employee wellness by providing a comfortable workplace and ambient surroundings. Providing adequate lighting is always a priority of business owners, since failing to provide the required lighting can affect employees, both mentally and physically.

If the workspace has poor lighting, over time, the effectiveness of your employees in executing tasks decreases. They might feel exhausted after some time and might not be able to meet their respective deadlines. All these factors ultimately decrease the productivity of the company. 

Physical symptoms of poor lighting like watery eyes, frequent headaches, and vision disturbances become evident when your office has inadequate lighting settings. Employees can also begin to experience psychological issues like depression and anxiety which would not only affect workplace productivity but also their personal life. Whenever you encounter a situation like this, immediately take the right steps to avoid issues that might come up later on. 

  • Better Mental Health

In brick-and-mortar offices, employees are mostly confined to tight spaces for long hours. This routine affects the mental health of employees fostering negative behavior and an overall bad mood. While taking breaks and changing your surroundings can help you relax, having adequate lighting is imperative in these workplaces. 

Humans are wired to respond positively to well-lit spaces. You can install artificial lighting to ensure your employees work efficiently yet comfortably. You might also need to install LED tubes to illuminate cubicles as they can be easily applied to confined wall spaces. Opting for smart lighting options like LED tubes not only provides adequate lighting but also contributes to a reduction in your energy consumption. 

  • Cost-effectiveness

Nowadays, companies are recognizing the positive effects lighting has on employee productivity. Every new office building you see will be illuminated with smart lighting solutions. LEDs and other smart lighting options save more time and resources when compared to conventional options like fluorescent lighting. 

The saved time and valuable resources can be redirected and utilized on more important tasks which ultimately improves overall productivity. Installing smart lighting ensures a better environment is provided to employees, thereby encouraging them to work efficiently. 

  • Increased Efficiency

Research reveals that providing bright light in workplaces is not the answer to increasing employee productivity. At the start of the day, employees are energetic and can execute tasks without caring too much about their environment. However, as time passes, exhaustion and workload take over which can take a toll on their health. Installing lights with adjustable intensity is a great way to help employees relax. For example, when working during late hours, employees become exhausted and would love lights that are toned down and warm on the eyes. Using these lights improves the mood of employees, relieves workplace stress, allows employees to perform tasks effectively, and contributes to improving productivity. 

  • Improved Lighting Quality

In this tech-oriented era, you might be amazed to see how much research companies have put into making smart lights suited for different environments. Most offices avoid using blue light as it can put too much stress on the eyes and decrease attention. Blue light can also disrupt sleep patterns, making it difficult for employees to get adequate sleep.

Constructing your workplace to allow natural light in is another way to ensure that your business’ productivity does not suffer. Installing windows, removing blinds, and adjusting seating around windows are also some great options to consider. Research shows that natural light has minimal effects on the eyes and doesn’t trigger issues like eye strain or headaches. 


  • Company Growth

With adequate lighting, employee productivity improves, and that directly translates to company growth. Providing adequate lighting at the workplace ensures employees stay healthy, can be creative, and delegate tasks effectively. All these positive factors collectively improve productivity at the workplace and allow you to maintain a streamlined workflow. There are a plethora of companies that have leveraged the perks of illuminating their workplace for better outcomes.

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When choosing a proper lighting system for your workplace, always consider factors like the lighting requirements, colors, the correct lighting temperatures throughout the day, and their positioning. Dedicating some time to research will clarify any lingering misconceptions you might have. Maintaining a comfy and relaxing work environment has a lot of benefits like increased workflow, efficiency, and productivity. Therefore, always ensure your work environment is feasible for boosting workplace productivity so your business can grow and prosper.

Photo credits: Unsplash