Why Co-Working Spaces Make the Most Sense for Freelance Workers

When you begin your career as a full-time freelancer, you may be tempted to wing it when it comes to your workspace. And while one of the many perks of working for yourself is the ability to work from anywhere, there are some pretty compelling reasons why a co-working space should be your first choice. Here are some ways that springing for a shared workspace can make you a better freelancer and help you find more success with your new business.


Save on Expenses By Opting for a Co-Working Space

One of the main benefits of working in an environment surrounded by others is that it actually helps improve your focus. It’s one of the many reasons that you see so many freelance writers and entrepreneurs taking up space in your favorite coffee shops. Co-working spaces provide the white noise and social presence that can benefit your freelance focus without the anxiety of calculating how much time is too much in a bustling business. Add that worry to the high cost of those coffees and snacks (for your wallet and waistline), and co-working spaces will start to make more sense when you are really trying to get your freelance career off of the ground. The average daily cost for a co-working spot is around $7 per day, which is so much cheaper than a few lattes and a biscotti. As an added bonus, the fees you pay for co-working are also completely tax-deductible, whereas all those cappuccinos definitely are not. All in all, a co-working membership can be a lucrative money move for motivated freelancers.


Come to Co-Work, But Be Prepared to Network

Since co-working spaces are such a smart move for entrepreneurs, you are almost guaranteed to meet business owners, start-up moguls, and other freelancers. To maximize your own business-building potential, make sure you come to shared workspaces prepared to “wow” potential clients and connections. Treat every conversation and interaction as a potential lead, and spend some time polishing your networking abilities. This includes practicing interview-like questions and updating your resume. Keep some copies on hand or at least ready to email in an instant, and watch out for any needed updates to format and style. Online resume templates can be a great resource, so check out a few of the latest to put your best foot forward. These templates allow you to plug pertinent work experience and information into an eye-catching, elegant design. With services such as Zety, you can save your writing abilities for clients and still impress potential business allies with your resume.


Escape Pressures of Household Tasks and Distractions

There are so many reasons to work for yourself as a freelance writer. Many new freelancers tend to believe that working from home is one of them, but once you’ve been in the business for a while, you may realize that working at home can be unsustainable. For one, it can be so easy to get sucked into a cycle of never switching off from your work. When your kitchen table, couch, or home office is the center of your new work world, there’s no definite stop time. As a result, your mind may tend to wander to work tasks, even when you are trying to relax at the end of the day. This can create some friction between you and any family members who live with you, and it can also be a recipe for freelance burnout. Even a little burnout can make it harder to focus and deliver quality products, so think of a co-working space as a way to save yourself from the mundane, and mitigate a sudden crash and burn.


If you are serious about making it as a freelancer, you have to be serious about finding a workspace that is right for you. A co-working setup could be just what you need to become successfully self-employed in an industry you truly love. So, skip the coffee shops, give your couch a break, and discover how a co-working space can work for you.

Photo Credit: Unsplash