How to Handle a Coworker You Dislike

If you have a job where you have to work with a lot of people, you may have a coworker you simply despise. When a job throws many people together, they always don’t click, and yet they have to work together. If you find yourself dealing with a coworker you hate, it can ruin your productivity. Here are some ways you can combat that.

What is the Reason You Dislike Them?

There are some cases where you don’t like someone just because of a weird vibe, and not because of any strong evidence. But there are oftentimes legitimate reasons you dislike them. They can be petty reasons. Perhaps you don’t like how obnoxiously loud they laugh at their own terrible jokes. Perhaps they play music and badly sing along.

Then there are more legitimate reasons, such as your coworker being a bit slimy. They may throw everyone else under the bus and suck up to their boss to climb the corporate ladder. Or they may not be doing enough work.

If it’s a petty reason, talking to the coworker may help. Perhaps by asking them to tone it down, they will comply. However, if your coworker has a behavior that is hard to change, that becomes a problem.

Be as Civil as Possible

When you’re handling a coworker you dislike, always follow the proper etiquette. Even if your coworker is being nasty to you, don’t be nasty back. Life has a way of punishing the people who fight back and not the people who instigate. This isn’t to say that you should let a bad coworker walk all over you, but try to be civil, polite, and make sure you confront them in a healthy manner.

Try Empathizing

We don’t know why someone behaves the way they do. If a coworker is rude to you, maybe they’re naturally like that and don’t mean any harm. If a coworker is always upset, they may be stressed out about something. They could have a sick family member, be upset over another external factor, and much more.

This isn’t to excuse their behavior, but let’s face it: a lot of people have problems keeping it together. There comes a point where talking to your coworker and trying to figure out what’s wrong can help you find common ground and allow you to be a much better person. If they have kids, maybe check out here for ways you could possibly connect with them regarding it. Who knows? Perhaps the two of you can grow together.

Talk About it to HR

If your coworker is just nasty, and is always trying to bully you, there comes a point where you just need to report it. Obviously, handle the problem yourself by trying the above. But if that doesn’t work, talking to someone can help. Maybe a reprimand can help solve the problem, or they can move you somewhere away from the coworker. Sometimes the best solution really is out of sight, out of mind, and by talking to someone, they can help you get away from that problematic coworker.

Seek Help

Not only should you make strides to improve your coworker’s behavior, but you should look at yourself as well. Sometimes, you may have a little blame when it comes to your coworker’s behavior. By seeing if you do, it’s a definite growing experience.

Plus, a therapist can help you improve at your job. Talking to a therapist online has those benefits and much more. Speaking to a counselor gives you every benefit under the sun, and we recommend you trying it if you want to grow in your field. Talk to somebody today and see the difference.

Photo Credits: Pixabay