What to Look for in an All-Purpose Decorator

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Decorating your house or apartment by yourself may sound like a lot of fun but if you ask people who have already tried the DIY approach, they will tell you it isn’t worth a shot. Well, if you want to get the job done on time and to the highest possible quality, of course. If your home is pretty spacious, it is especially elusive to think that you can make it without professional help. Frankly speaking, the majority of homeowners do not even have a dilemma being determined to hire someone competent enough to complete the job. The problem is, they do not know where to find good decorators.

Let’s face it, many of us have been in the situation when we paid for a terrible quality of the painting or decorating works, we were not satisfied at all, but we gave our hard-earned money, often just because we did it upfront. Then we had to pay again to ask another guy to correct the work or even worse, do it all over again. It is a huge waste of time, money, and nerves. 

However, making your home a more beautiful place to live doesn’t necessarily have to be such an overwhelming experience. With just a little bit of research, you can set the whole story for success just by choosing the right people to take care of your place. If you are planning to renovate or revamp your house and are searching for professionals able to fulfill your expectations, here is what to look for in an all-purpose decorator.

They Are Proud of They Work

Perhaps it could sound a little weird because everyone apparently should be proud of his or her work but it’s in the theory, the reality is often quite different. While it is great when you have friends, colleagues, or neighbors who can just recommend their decorator, in the great bulk of cases, you either do not have such friends or you do not like the quality of works performed at their homes.

No worries, you still have a way to form an opinion of your would-be decorator, which will not be based on his bare words but his past projects. What we are trying to say is that every decorator that loves his job and is proud of his work will gladly show you several videos and a bunch of pictures to illustrate his skills. A rich portfolio is something that helps you tell professionals from amateurs. For instance, a big number of successful projects is the reason why many people consider GSD for painting services in Central London, which absolutely makes sense. It is a company that takes pride in a wide spectrum of painting and decorating works, from museums and high-end residential properties to offices and hotels, hence it comes just natural that Londoners trust their services.

They Have Knowledge About The Industry

You may wonder, how you are going to test their knowledge if you are not well-versed in painting and decorating yourself. Well, it is easier than you think. In fact, you do not have to know all the ins and outs of the industry but you do have to compile a list of questions to ask your future decorator. You may ask them whether they have a preferred range of paints and other products they usually use, or what they think about a certain method of decorating walls. 

The point is that an experienced master will instantly tell you at least three or four brands he works with and even explain why he would recommend one of them and not another. In addition to that, he will suggest you take a look at the sample books he has with him, just to explain to you the difference. Moving forward, a good decorator worth his salt will be able to answer virtually your every question clearly and with ease, which is a sure sign he has plenty of expertise.

They Are Well Equipped

As incredible as it may seem, people who hire decorators often hear questions like “do you have ladders” or “have you bought enough quantities of dust sheets”. Of course, they are confused at first but then they have no other option than to get the ladders or buy the dust sheets – they just want the job to be done, remember? If you do not want to find yourself in such an unpleasant situation, do not forget to clear things in advance. You have every right to expect a decorator to bring everything they might need to complete the work, therefore do not agree to be one of the suppliers. Rest assured that a real decorator will tell you during your first meeting that he has all tools and equipment.

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They Are Busy

It is hard to find a person who likes waiting and this is one of the reasons why people often make the wrong choices. They want to start work immediately but good decorators hardly can jump in right away because they have other clients. If you opt for a certain service just because it was the only one ready to start the same day, you are likely to set yourself for disappointment. This is not to say you have to wait for ages but keep in mind that as a rule, a good decorator has a waiting list, so prepare to wait at least three or four weeks. 

They Will Give You A Quote

Yes, a quote, not an estimate. A quote with a fixed price and a detailed description of the works. Do not accept an estimate as it can cost you dearly. If you get several quotes from different companies, do not rush to conclusions, and study carefully each of them before going for the cheapest. A lot depends on the quality of paint and other materials, so look for these details before making a decision.

Decorating your home is an important project and serious investment, therefore do not settle for less than the excellent quality of works you get for your money. Now you know what to look for when hiring a decorator, meaning you are one step closer to your dream home.

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