Tips to Buy an Office Filing Cabinet

It should be your priority to keep your office organized. This is important to not only maintain its efficiency but also display a high level of professionalism to your clients as well as your employees. When your office is strewn all the over the place, it can make it difficult to run your operations productively. However, with the right tools and layout, this problem can not only be mitigated but also overcome entirely! That being said, if you are trying to organize your workplace to be more efficient, then there is nothing more crucial than the classic file cabinet. The office interior and design may have witnessed a paradigm shift over the years, but the filing cabinets remain the storage staple that it used to be.  Even though a lot of information is being stored digitally these days, there are still many hard-copies and files that hold important documents. A file cabinet is not only helpful in organizing these documents but also keeps them safe. If you are someone who is struggling to manage all the paperwork strewn around your desk, then you need a filing cabinet. With the tips in this article, you will be able to find the best Office Filing Cabinet In Singapore and that too easily. So read on to learn more about the type of filing cabinets so that you can choose the right one for your office.


Lateral Filing cabinets

These are designed for companies that deal with large amounts of paperwork at once. The units in these filing cabinets include two or more drawers with an in-built anti-tip mechanism that prevents them from falling off when the drawer is opened fully. Design-wise, these cabinets are wider than being deep which means that the filing is done from side to side. Since lateral files are big in size, be sure to measure the space you intend to use for putting the file cabinet before you buy.

Vertical Filing cabinets

These filing cabinets are usually used in home offices or tight work spaces that have very little floor space. These units have narrow drawers and sort files in a front-to-back formation. The drawers are also deeper than lateral cabinets. Therefore, you need to ensure that you have enough clearance space to extend them fully.


Mobile filing cabinets

These cabinets are convenient in the sense that they can rolled in whichever direction you want. These units come equipped with either three or four vertical drawers. However, in some cases they can also be lateral. These cabinets are designed to provide convenient storage that can be stacked under standard height desks without taking up a lot of room. Most mobile files can accommodate both legal and letter size paperwork, but their compact size may even be able to hold letter files. Therefore, be sure to check the cabinet description before making the purchase. It should meet your storage purpose and space availability.


Open Shelf filing cabinet

These wide and shallow filing cabinets are shallow in depth and look a lot like bookcases. You can store end-tab folders side-by-side in these units because of their open-front feature. These type of cabinets are best suited for areas with limited amount of space and can easily fit narrow aisles.


Fireproof filing cabinet

If your office works with sensitive data and documents, then it is important to secure them in a fireproof file cabinet. Not only do they protect them against damage caused by an open fore but also from theft and water. As a result, what you get is complete safety for your most important documents. Fireproof filing cabinets are found in vertical and lateral varieties, so you can pick the one that suits your purpose the most.

Some things to keep in mind

Now that you know the types of filing cabinets, here are some more things you can keep in mind to make a sound buying decision.

  • Lockability: Not all filing cabinets can be locked. So if you need something that secures your documents, then you must carefully read the product description and ensure that it is lockable.
  • Counterweights: They should come equipped with counterweights to prevent them from tipping.
  • Metal dividers: Also known as follower blocks, these dividers are used in filing cabinets before hanging files came into existence. While some units still have this traditional design, you must be sure to determine whether you want this type of filing technique.

Together, all this information and tips will prove to be valuable to gather all the necessary information required to make a wise purchase. Don’t forget to perform proper due-diligence regarding the quality of the material as well as your purpose so as to put your money in the right place.