Know Everything About Cost and Contractors in Office Renovation Project

Change is beautiful. Change is perfect and change is dangerous as well. A lot of people get sceptical when you plan to make a change in their lives. Change can be in any form. You may have a new addition in your family or you are relocating or you just got a new promotion or some simple things like changing your office décor or just want a change because you are tired of living the standard way. Change is necessary for life and when you look around your office and think “I need a change”, it probably because you are bored the way your office look currently and you want to renovate it.

There are varieties of reasons for which people renovate their office. Some people do it to improve employee efficiency, some people do it attract new clients and employees and some people do it to us make their workplace attractive. Whatever might be your reason, office renovations can have a positive impact on your work as well as your employees. Office reinstatement work in Singapore does not have to be boring. Nowadays you can use a variety of designs and furniture to make your office look chic and stylish. Remember, it’s all about packaging. However, whenever you plan to renovate a space, you also need to think about the cost associated with the project. Hence, you need to work out everything and finalize a budget before even starting.

Cost Per Square Foot

When it comes to construction work, you would hear the term “per square foot”. This is the unit that most of the contractors use while giving you an estimate because usually, they charge customers per square foot. This implies how much area needs to be covered and per square feet charge includes everything from material to labour charges to furniture and even improved electrical. So, if you are planning to get your office renovated, you should first create an estimate to understand if you have the budget in hand to start the project. For calculating per square foot charge, you should multiply your total office length with total office breadth. If you have the drawn office plan, it would be easier for you to do the calculations. This would give you a rough estimate of your total office space and the budget required to renovate. The higher the renovation area, the more is the cost of renovation.


When it comes to office renovation, you need to find an expert on the job because it’s not just painting the walls new or rearranging your office furniture. Office renovation work involves a lot of tasks like new cabinetry and countertops, new storage space, carpeting, drywall, and improved electrical, etc. You might be able to do certain tasks yourself. But certain tasks need expert attention. Hence, you have to bake in the cost of contractors in the total renovation budget. Also, a contractor is responsible for every work like painting, furniture, electrical or plumbing. Every task has its labour that is responsible for their jobs. A contractor would be responsible for hiring and managing these workers. Hence, it is advisable to hire a contractor.


Cost of Materials

When you are doing a renovation project, you obviously would require building material, paints, woods, flooring, etc. All these materials will contribute to the cost of renovation. Also, the cost of the material is largely dependent on the quality. If you choose good quality material, you would have to spend a little more than regular amounts. But you also need to consider that you then won’t have to renovate quickly. Your renovation budget should include every material and during the project, you may find ways to increase or decrease the cost of renovation by simply choosing the quality of materials. It is recommended to never compromise on material because would not only impact the appearance but would also impact the durability.

Tips to Hire a Contractor

If you are planning to hire a contractor for your office renovation project, a few considerations need to be made:-

  • Good Reputation – Your contractor should be well-established with a good amount of experience under their belt. A good reputation is only earned if the contractor offers good quality work promptly to its customers. So, your contractor should have goodwill in the market.
  • Within Your Budget – There all kinds of contractors in the market, from high priced to the average price. High priced contractors will deliver premium quality work, but they can out of your budget. So, if you have a limited budget, you should search for contractors and take quotes. The one that suits your budget should be chosen.
  • Qualified Team of Workers – A contractor is responsible for its workers. The contractor you hire should have all kind of workers attached so that you don’t have to run separately to other people for different work.


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