Improve your meeting rooms with Airtame

Emerging technologies have greatly transformed communications within an office in almost all aspects of business. Web conferencing and multimedia presentations improve the meetings and general efficiency of the office so long as there is the Internet. They save on time and the company’s resources. While it’s evident that most businesses are using the Internet and computers to an accomplished standard, there remains the struggle of holding engaging and efficient meetings. It is because of the hassle of sharing screens and information. The act of unplugging and plugging cables as well as adjusting setting makes the meeting room look messy and unprofessional. Fortunately, there is a better alternative – going wireless.



Modify business meeting rooms to improve meetings

Over the last decade, conference rooms have greatly improved with the advancement of technology. In today’s offices, almost everyone has a computer on their desk and a mobile device. Computers have led to a smarter and faster way of managing their businesses. Cloud computing and automation have made it easy for humans to work efficiently. With wireless solutions, people can work from any place.


Wireless presentations to reduce cluttering

If a wireless set up is not in place, office cluttering can be a great challenge. Adopting wireless presentation system will remove the clutter in the meeting room thus creating room for co-working. Wireless technology will place the company at a competitive edge. These networks allow the team members to currently run meetings or presentations without having to be there physically. As a result, they are able to share ideas more openly, and this feeds further collaboration.


To go wireless, a company has to look for a better alternative that will replace cables. More so, the solution should be effective enough to handle all devices used by all people including the employees, customers, and business partners as well. This means Chromebook to Windows, Apple, Linux, and mobile devices. Airtame is here to offer the perfect wireless solution.


Airtame is a small wireless HDMI device that enhances communication in the meeting room, plus the design of the previously cable cluttered rooms themselves. It plugs into the HDMI port of the projector or TV allowing one to share information. It is compatible with all the OS including the Mac OS, Chromebook, Android, Windows, and Linux. This wireless streaming solution allows the members to share HD video presentations or any other information on the display from their positions. The device improves not only the business efficiency but also its organization, and the time of IT admins,  by reducing the cables and meeting room troubleshooting.



Airtame is simple to set up. The only requirement is to plug it into a TV or projector via the HDMI port and its AC power adapter to a power source. Once the device is connected to your WiFi network you can connect and start streaming by installing the Airtame app on your computer or mobile device.  


Airtame allows for the use of signage apps including Google Slides, World Clock, Unsplash, and Trello to present personalized digital signage. This is especially effective when no one is directly sharing content from their device; allowing you to create unique digital signage for your standby screens.


The first impression that the business partners and customers get as they get into the meeting room tells a lot on one’s organization skills. Having wires all over the table does not give a good impression on one’s organization skills. To make a meeting room look neat and professional, it is important to replace the cables with a wireless technology.



Airtame takes care of this by managing screens in the conference room. The device is small and completely wireless allowing one to share ideas and stream videos from any device or computer. With this device, the meeting room will look clear, organized, and professional to anyone who walks into the room.



Photo Credits: Aitame