How To Keep Co-Working Spaces Clean

Keeping a co-working space clean and sanitary is very important for the employees’ productivity and health. A messy workplace can be very distracting and it looks unprofessional.

It can also lead to germs and bacteria spreading faster. In order to avoid this, it’s important to get a cleaning routine planned out for the workplace. On this page, we’re going to talk about some of our top tips and tricks for maintaining a clean co-working space. These tips will make it easier for your team to keep the workplace clean and tidy.

Keep Cleaning Supplies Stocked

When it comes to keeping a co-working space clean, everyone will need to do their part. It’s highly recommended to have a communal area in the workplace where cleaning supplies are on hand. If the employees don’t have access to the cleaning supplies or they are empty, the workers will not be able to keep up with their part of keeping the workplace clean.

Cleaning supplies aren’t the only thing the employees will need to keep the workplace germ-free. Make sure there is always handsoap available. It is also a good idea to keep hand sanitiser in stock too.

Focus on Air Quality

When several people are in one space, it can affect the air quality. Believe it or not, the quality of air in a room can affect how clean it is. This is why it is a good idea to invest in an air purifier. These devices are made to pull contaminants from the air and improve air quality. 

You should also ensure that the room has good ventilation to keep air flowing. If there are windows in the workplace, you can also improve the air quality by opening them for a couple of hours each day.

Daily Disinfecting 

Every workplace has surface areas that are frequently touched. The COVID-19 pandemic brought more awareness to how important it is to keep these surfaces disinfected. In the past, you may have thought it was okay to wipe these areas down once a day. However, with so many people around, it’s important to make it a point to disinfect these areas regularly.

Determine which areas of the workplace are high-traffic and how often they should be wiped down. How many people you have frequented these areas will ultimately determine how often they should be wiped down. To ensure this gets done in a timely manner it’s a good idea to assign the task to a trusted employee.

Commercial Floor Cleaning Service

Commerical floors see a lot of traffic. Not only do the employees in the workplace track their shoes all over the floor, but customers or clients who enter the business do as well. Regular floor cleaning services are necessary for every work to keep the floor in good condition. 

A lot of dirt and debris get tracked onto a workplace floor, which can cause it to look dull and dingy. In order to keep the floor in good shape, it’s recommended to hire a commercial floor cleaning service, such as phs Interclean. These professionals will show up with all the right products and equipment to thoroughly clean the workplace floors. Deep cleaning the floor will keep the workplace looking appealing. 

Schedule Deep Cleaning For Communal Areas

There are many areas throughout the workplace that require attention, but not as frequently as the high-traffic areas. Having the office thoroughly deep cleaned once a week will ensure that all of these areas get cleaned. If they get ignored, dust and germs can build up, leading to an unhealthy workplace. 

In a busy workplace, it can be difficult to make time for a full deep clean once a week. This is why many co-working spaces can benefit from professional cleaning services. When a hired cleaner takes on the job, you will never have to worry about dirt and dust building up in the office.

Set Company Guidelines For Cleanliness 

One final step that has helped many business owners is to set company guidelines on cleaning and hygiene. This guideline can be passed out to all of the employees, new and current, so they know what is expected of them for helping to manage a clean and healthy co-working space. 

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