How Shared Workspaces Might Be A Refreshment If You’re Working As A Freelancer

If you’re a freelancer working from the comfort of your home, you need to rethink whether the comfort you’re getting is actually helping you achieve your work goals. The space where you work has a major influence on your productivity and creativity, both of which are integral to producing quality work. 

If you’ve been working in an isolated space, it might be time to change things up. There are many advantages to using a shared workspace. Here are some reasons why you should consider working in one.

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A Shared Workspace Increases Productivity

When you have a dedicated space just for work, it becomes easier to focus on your job and be more productive. At home, there are multiple distractions, always pulling you away from your work. For instance, one minute you’re working and then you get distracted by a pile of clothes on your bed that needs folding.  

In a shared office space, you’ll find other people dedicatedly working, which will motivate you to do so as well. Moreover, when you’re in an office, dressed formally, and mentally prepared to do your work, concentration comes with ease. Plus, nothing beats the feeling of coming home to your warm bed after a long day at work.

Create Structure for your Day

Working in a communal space alongside other people helps you create a structure for your day. You tend to develop a routine of doing things that make working easier and fun at the same time. For instance, you might head into the office, grab a cup of coffee, and chit-chat with your colleagues.

This is a pleasant way to start your day. Then you dive into your work until lunch break when you have a set meal with your co-workers. When you’re working alone, it gets hard to manage the other normalities of life. Skipping lunch and working at odd hours is nothing new for freelancers. So, once you get into a routine of doing things, you find it easier to engage with your work.

Comfortable Space

If you’re starting a small business, then you need a lot of things to set up a dedicated office space, such as furniture and appliances. Coworking offices, however, already have such amenities ready for you to use. Things like furniture, quality high-speed internet, printers, meeting rooms, projectors, a shared kitchen, etc., are readily available. There are many more advantages of sharing a comfortable space for working together and highlights them all. So freelancers and small business owners can take advantage of these facilities without having to pay exorbitant prices for such necessities. This creates a productive and comfortable environment to work in.


Using a co-working space alongside multiple freelancers is incredibly cost-effective. Those who work alone and need an official workspace may find it difficult to find a place at an affordable rate. Moreover, most leases last for at least a year. You could rather use a collaborative workspace where offices are rented out on a monthly basis and overhead costs of logistics are reduced significantly.

Networking Opportunities

Collaboration is the path toward innovation. As a solo entrepreneur, establishing relationships with other collaborators is difficult. A shared workspace, however, offers endless networking opportunities. Co-offices are filled with like-minded individuals who are all in the freelancing industry or business owners. So, there is always open space for discussion and collaborative growth.

Additionally, shared space operators generally host networking and social gatherings where you can build new business relationships. When you have that many people around you striving towards the same overarching goals, it may become easier to talk about your struggles and aims. A collaborative environment is exactly what you need to grow your skills and business.

Expert Advice

Coworking spaces are filled with experts from different industries who you can approach for advice whenever you need it. They can advise you on different matters, from what marketing strategy you should use for your business to good referrals. A shared space and communal environment make it easy for you to share your knowledge with each other and benefit from each other’s experiences. Any sort of question you have, chances are that someone in your office has an answer to it.

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Working as a freelancer is usually associated with working from home, but this can become quite dull and monotonous, and even hinder your drive to perform and focus. This is why it’s always a good thing to consider a change of surroundings. There are some of the many advantages of working in a shared space. As a freelancer, it is always a good idea to change your work environment. So, consider moving from your home office to a shared workspace.

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