Complete Guide to Free Backlink Checker Tools

If you do not know what a backlink is that you have landed on the right page. In this three-minute post, we are going to tell you about what backlinks are and what is the importance of checking them. We would also introduce you to some of the best online backlink checker tools that would help you check the credibility and authority of a website. 

If you want to improve your seo score or your ranking positions, then you should read this content till the end.

What are backlinks?

A backlink is a link to your website mentioned on another website or page and vice versa. All search engines, including Google, consider these links as a vote of confidence that you get from other sites. Today backlinks have become an important ranking factor. So the more quality links you would have to your site, the better would be your ranking position. 

You have to understand that not all backlinks are the same or have the same results for your website. The good backlinks are only the ones that are coming from big credible websites indexed on the search engine. If a spammy or a low-reputed website is linking you, then you will face a lot of harm and a negative seo score. 

Backlinks should not only come from credible websites, but one must also know that these links should also be made based on relevancy. If you are planning on adding a backlink to a website, then you have to ensure that both of you are working on relevant niches. You must be wondering how to find out about the backlinks that other sites have added for you. Well, this has become quite easy today. You have to use the best backlink checker tools!

The Best Backlink Checker Tools

There are plenty of backlink checker tools found on the web, but not all of them are reliable. For this reason, we have shortlisted the tools that have a good reputation for checking links!

Backlink checker by SearchEngineReports

The backlink checker by is one of the best online tracking tools. This backlink checker is free but is highly credible in its working. You must know that this backlink checker is easy to use and you can use it on any of your devices even if you have no prior experience. This backlink tracker is a cloud-based service, so you do not have to install it, you need a browser and a strong web connection to run it. 

When you open this free backlink checker, you would see the blank URL section that you have to fill. To check backlinks for a website and to check the credibility of these links, you have to copy the URL of the site and paste it in the URL box of the tool. After entering the input, you have to click on the button that says ‘check backlinks’. The tool would present you results about different links and their metrics in less than a minute!

Backlink checker tool by SEMrush 

This is one of the highly recommended backlink checker tools by experts. One should know that this website is incredibly famous when it comes to finding keywords. Still, you must know that the backlink checking option of this tool is even more credible. You have to open the backlink analysis tool by SEMrush on your browser and start entering URLs of the sites for which you want to check backlinks. You can get tons of information about backlinks with this tracking tool. The best thing about this monitoring tool is that it can help you find the links that are connecting to your competition.

Link Miner

This online service is specially designed to find and check the quality and credibility of backlinks. The link miner belongs to Mangools, so you have to register yourself with a relevant account to get complete access to the tool and use it. Like other backlink checker tools, this one can also help you in filtering the results based on no-follow, deleted, broken, or even lost. This is a very handy backlink checker that you can use anywhere and everywhere you want. If you want to find new and credible links for your site, then you can easily steal the ones that are being used by your competitor. 

Buzz Sumo

This is another website analysis tool. This online tool is one that can help you check and compare your content or your competitor’s content for free. You can not only check content for quality and other metrics, but you can also know about the backlinks being used in the website or the ones that are linking to the website from other sources. This backlink checker/scanner tool is very easy to use, and its results are quite accurate, so you don’t have to worry about its credibility or security. 

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