5 Ways Coworking Spaces Inspire Collaboration and Productivity

As a freelancer, I have the liberty to work anywhere, from home to a coffee shop. But, as time wore on, I realized that I was easily distracted by my surroundings, and this greatly affected my productivity. It dawned on me that I needed a change of setting or risk the quality of my work. Soon, I discovered the benefits of coworking spaces. Immediately, my life changed for good.

A Clear Separation Between Home Life and Work-Life

There are many potential distractions present within one’s home, may it be barking dogs, unwashed laundry, or annoying neighbors. All of these factors effectively creates a non-productive work environment. Not even using productivity apps like Brain.fm (here you can read more about my experience) Usually, homes are places of leisure and comfort from work. Those who can set boundaries between these two have proven to have increased work productivity and reduced work-related stress.

An Ideal Place to Meet Investors and Clients

In the past, I have held business meetings with clients and partners in coffee shops. To most, this may seem like a good idea. But in hindsight, we had to deal with the inevitability of loud customers, unavailable electrical sockets, and even a lack of tables. These hindrances made us waste valuable time. The environment of a coffee shop is totally out of your control and not meant to be a business backdrop. Similar places will not provide you the privacy and the professional atmosphere that you desire. Hence, coworking spaces give you access to such “office-like” settings.

A New Way to Build Your Clientele

Most likely, the people you will meet in coworking spaces are those who are similar to you. Many of them may be freelancers, digital nomads, or start-up businesses. Coworking spaces are the best way to form connections with other companies and collaborate on something innovative. You may never know, the person sitting next to you may be your next client. Compared to a home office (which could be isolating at times), coworking spaces presents you the opportunity to be social with like-minded creators.

Cost-Efficient Way to Start a Business

Coworking spaces supply young entrepreneurs the possibility to work in a ready-made, fully equipped office without having to panic about insurance, electricity bills, shopping for furniture, and that’s just scratching the surface. In these spaces, you would only have to pay a simple membership fee then you are free to use the utilities that are present. You would no longer have to worry over the cost of your business. Now, all your attention can be devoted to developing your work.

Be Easily Inspired Within a Community

These spaces are not just rooms that you can rent, but it is a community of people. Every day, you will be allowed to work alongside someone new. That is an opportunity to exchange out of the box ideas. Even just walking around and taking in all that creative energy might push you to do something great. It reminds you that there is a life outside your computer screen. Sometimes, coworking spaces even set-up workshops and networking events to inspire you and meet with potential collaborators. Living as an independent contractor sometimes feels lonely, but joining a coworking space may give you that sense of community.


In summary, coworking spaces are the perfect work environment that enhances productivity and provides you an opportunity to meet with other creators or new clients. It is the most professional and cost-effective way to host business meetings or events. Working in these spaces has genuinely changed the quality of my work for the better. I encourage everyone to try it out.

Photo credits: coworkinglondon.com