Why marketers should switch focus to TV in 2022

At least in part due to the coronavirus pandemic, there have been many changes over the past few years to the ways that marketers have been broadcasting ads and marketing content to reach their desired audiences. So, why should marketers switch their focus to TV in 2022? Let’s find out.  


Delivery of focused adverts 

Using TV is a clever form of marketing and one that has the potential to deliver particularly focused adverts to households. With traditional linear TV, the adverts are scheduled to air at a specific time, regardless of the demographics of the viewer. 

A new mode of advertising – linear addressable advertising – has the ability to assemble the demographics of a viewer and guarantee that the adverts watched by the viewer have been carefully placed, ensuring that the ads match the goal profile and demographics of the company that created the product in the first place. With more and more people choosing to consume entertainment services from the comfort of their own homes, marketers can use the TV to their advantage and promote their products and services. 

Being able to reach a wider audience 

While computer and mobile devices are more common than ever, they’re still not as universal as the humble TV. Research shows that TV advertising accounts for 95% of all video advertising that’s actively viewed. Taking into account the fact that most houses in the UK are home to more than one TV, the reach of television advertising can not be dismissed. 

One of the biggest benefits of switching focus to TV in 2022 is that it provides a unique opportunity to scale marketing and reach massive audiences, quickly and at a higher rate than currently possible with other digital marketing options. 

Creating a positive brand identity 

Creating a positive brand image is easier when using TV marketing because it provides an opportunity for your product or service to be seen within the theme context of the TV show. This highlights your product in a positive way without large amounts of detail being verbally given. 

Not only this, but quality TV ads are a great way to attract new customers to your brand. This is important because when customers are happy with a brand, they’re more likely to remain loyal to it, which can involve the powerful word of mouth advertising that marketers are so dependent upon. 

The opportunity for full-screen ads

One advantage of TV advertising is that, unlike with other digital marketing platforms, TV adverts are able to occupy the entire screen, instead of trying to gain visibility among tonnes of other ads or pop-ups. A lot of computer users now make use of ad-blockers which essentially get rid of adverts. While TV users can skip adverts too, it’s been revealed that the majority of viewers don’t actually skip the adverts. Maybe this is because they’re full-screen.

Photo credits: coworkinglondon.com