Why Every Business Needs a Company Swag Store

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Swag, or stuff we all get, is one of the many ways in which a business can promote company pride and get its logo out there. By having a company swag store, employees can proudly don hats, t-shirts, and other fun articles of clothing or decorations to show their pride in their work. Read below for a list of reasons why every business needs a company swag store. 

Brand Awareness

Apparel and accessories with a brand’s logo will bring attention to what a company is all about and act as a great conversation starter. Not only can swag be things you wear but they can also encompass office supplies and stickers that can be put anywhere. An appealing logo on good-quality items increases the reputability of a brand and makes these items something that people actually want to wear. By setting up a company swag store, employees and customers can purchase items that they like and will actually use in their daily lives. To have good swag, you have to have a good brand logo, so once that is established, you can stick it on basically any kind of swag you want. 

Employee Gifts

By offering swag to your employees, you are showing them that you are proud to have them as part of the team. Giving swag for gifts to employees encourages a sense of belonging within the company. If you are considering gifting company swag to your employees for special occasions like anniversaries or holidays, then finding a good supplier for swag is a must. If you are willing to put your company logo on swag and encourage your employees to wear it, then the actual products should be high quality. 

Giving gifts to employees is an essential part of showing recognition and rewarding them for a job well done. Giving different tiers of swag like coolers and nice jackets instead of just t-shirts and hats shows that you appreciate them and believe they deserve high-quality gifts.

Customer and Partner Relations

Swag is something that can bring a company closer to its customers as it is not something just for employees. Swag offers a way to throw in a little something extra when a purchase is made or to give away as promotional material. Customers are more likely to remember your brand if they own something with your company’s logo on it. As for business partners, many companies give out free swag to those they are working with as a gesture of goodwill. This exchange of high-quality swag can form a stronger bond between business partners.

Extra Revenue

Creating an online swag store with a collection of merchandise that has your company’s logo on it, is a great way to generate a little bit of extra money for your business. If people really like your logo or the style of yours, then putting certain items up for sale is a no-brainer. This is also applicable if your brand becomes popular or is well-loved. It is not uncommon for popular restaurants, stores, and other companies that are not actually clothing brands to release lines of merchandise for purchase. 

Another way to use company swag is to raise money for a good cause. If your business is partnered with a charitable foundation, you can create a marketing campaign with the aim of selling swag with which all of the profits will go to that charity. Fundraisers involving swag are an easy way for customers to spend a bit of money and get something they really like while also giving back to the community.

Marketing and Promotion

Swag can be promoted on social media, especially if your business chooses to create unique and stylish swag. For example, some businesses are starting to sell items like bucket hats and sunglasses with their logos on them in anticipation of the summertime. Selling swag to customers or handing it out at events offers a low-cost way to get people to see your logo and walk around as free advertisements.

Onboarding and Retention of Employees

When someone new comes into a company, it can be very intimidating. Offering them a welcome package with a bunch of swag like mugs, water bottles, backpacks, and apparel will help them feel like a true member of the team. Continual swag handouts throughout an employee’s time with the company is one of many ways to keep them interested in the business and enthusiastic about it. It is even a good idea to enlist an entire team to be in charge of swag creation and distribution. This gives employees the opportunity to stretch their creative muscles and have a hand in the use of the company’s logo for fun.

Cultural and Ethical Statements

Many companies use their swag to promote different social movements and to show their stance on them. For example, during Pride Month, a lot of businesses will release rainbow merchandise and encourage their employees to wear their items around the office and in public. Additionally, creating and wearing swag that was made from sustainable sources is a great way for a business to show that it stands for sustainability and eco-friendly practices. 

Business Events

Different events like parades and expos where a business will be promoting its brand offer a perfect opportunity to show off the swag. A business should have a large supply of swag for events like this that they can hand out to people for free. The swag can include pins, stickers, t-shirts, hats, and much more. People love getting free stuff and it is free advertising for your business. Imagine being on a parade float and tossing out hats, lip balms, and other small items to people on the street and watching their faces light up if they catch one. They will then associate your company’s logo with the friendly faces they saw at a parade one day.

Using swag as a tool for marketing, employee morale, and brand recognition is a fun way to show that your business is more than just what it provides. With the right logo, your swag could become a hit both within and outside of your company’s walls.


Photo credits: Pixabay, Unsplash