Self-Care Tips For Busy Entrepreneurs

Running a business is hard work and takes up a lot of your time and energy. This is why it’s so important that you take care of yourself and don’t let your health and wellbeing slip through the cracks.

You and your business will function better when you put self-care at the top of your to-do list. Being too busy to attend to your own needs is an excuse that’s only going to get you into trouble as time goes on. You want to wake up each morning feeling refreshed and excited about the day ahead. This can be a reality for you if you’re good about putting yourself and your wellness first ahead of all else.

Take Breaks throughout the Day

As a busy entrepreneur, you’re going to be pulled in many different directions during the workday. It’s important not to forget about yourself and the fact that you need breaks if you’re going to be able to think clearly and make wise decisions. For example, close your door and hop on your phone and play casino games at Unibet for some entertainment and to get your mind off your responsibilities for a little while. In addition, consider going for walks at lunchtime and getting up to refill your water every so often.

Exercise & Eat Right

You’re going to have more natural energy and be in a better mood when you get in the habit of exercising daily and eating right. Pick a time of day that’s most convenient for you to work out and stick with your routine even when you’re busy. Also, you may want to consider packing a lunch and healthy snacks for yourself, so you’re not tempted to eat out or consume the junk food in the break room. It’s essential to take care of your mind and body even though you have a lot going on during any given day.

Get Plenty of Sleep

You’re going to be a lot better off managing your company when you’re well-rested. Therefore, make sure you go to bed at a decent hour and get plenty of sleep each night by reviewing suggestions from The Sleep Judge. Configure your bedroom for optimal rest such as adjusting the room to a comfortable temperature and making sure it’s dark enough. Also, find relaxing activities to do before bed instead of playing on your computer or phone and stimulating your brain. It’s all about choices, so instead of going out for drinks after work with friends, opt to head home and read a book and go to bed.

Learn to Say No

It’s also in your best interest to get used to saying the word “no” when you’re a busy entrepreneur. It might feel awkward at first, and you may have feelings of guilt, but it’s important to work through these emotions and get past this stage. Eventually, saying no to others will become second nature, and you’ll notice that your schedule is much more manageable. Keep a calendar of events and appointments so you can easily see when you’re taking on too much and can start to turn people down who are requesting your time and energy. The more you say no to the wrong type of activities and tasks, the more time you’ll have to take care of what’s truly the most critical for you and your business.

Find A Hobby You Enjoy

All work and no play will leave you feeling mentally and physically drained at the end of each day. Instead, it’s a wise idea to find a hobby or two that you enjoy doing and can take up in your free time. For instance, consider:

  • Taking a photography class
  • Learning how to cook
  • Practicing yoga
  • Playing group sports
  • Gardening

These are just a few ideas to help get you started thinking on the right track. Bustle has additional advice to consider if you’re still having trouble finding options. Your hobby should feel like fun and not work and be an activity you look forward to doing after a long week at the office. Keep in mind there are both solo and social types of hobbies you can do depending on your mood and how you prefer to spend your time.

Ask for Help When You Need it

Being a busy entrepreneur means you’re going to have a lot of work and tasks on your plate on a daily basis. Therefore, it’s a good idea to analyze your workload each day and figure out what you can and can’t get through yourself. Get in the habit of reaching out and asking for help from others when you need it. Learn how to delegate out tasks appropriately to your staff members and put their talents to good use. The Balance Careers offers tips and tricks for you so you can be successful at doing so. Be kind to yourself and accept that you’re only one person and can’t do it all alone if you want to be successful over the long-term.

Photo credits: Coworking London, eOffice