Looking The Part: How To Give Your Online Business A Professional Presence

Getting a foothold in the online marketplace can be challenging. There are a lot of businesses out there, all trying to get attention from the same consumer base. By increasing your online footprint and investing in your online appearance, you can rise above the noise and stand out from the crowd. Top tools for e-commerce competitor monitoring can help you gain valuable insights into your competitors’ strategies and stay ahead of the game. This will help you generate more enquiries that you can convert into sales. Here are three simple ways to give your business a bigger and better online presence that will help you to drive up your sales numbers.

Functionality And Accessibility

Your website is as important as your handshake or your business card. The website of any online business needs to be functional, and all documentation needs to be accessible. If your site fails to offer visitors the level of accessibility they expect, they will move on to one of your competitors. Every business owner needs to visit their own website and assess it from a consumer’s perspective.

Digital accessibility is an important factor. Documents like terms and conditions, invoices, and marketing materials all need to be easily and reliably accessed. AbleDocs can help you ensure compliance and create accessible pdf documents across your website wherever they are needed. These files are easily updated and tested too, helping you to ensure document accessibility going forward.


Social Media Marketing

Businesses are an important part of the social media space, and apps like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have become important parts of doing business online. They act as a window display for eCommerce stores, tempting new consumers through the doors of websites with interesting and attention-grabbing pictures, videos, and content. 

If your business does not have a presence on social media sites that links back to your website, you will be overlooked. More and more consumers, both businesses and members of the public, are finding new sites for products and services through social media profiles and advertisements. This is one of the fastest-growing and high-value marketing spaces, and the playing field is level. Businesses big and small can take advantage of social media and leverage their presence there into increased sales numbers.


Content Is King

Driving traffic to your website requires content. Whether it is a blog, a YouTube channel, or postings on social media, the content that your business produces will help push online consumers to your business. This does not necessarily mean marketing content either. Informative and authoritative blog posts can cover any subject, and still lead people to your site for more information as well as purchases.

If you have a digital marketing department, or you are a single-person operation, you can easily use content to help generate interest and drive traffic to your website. Short posts and viral-inspired content can be incredibly effective and do not take much time or effort to make. This content helps casual visitors to your social media profiles or website take you seriously, as it demonstrates your dedication to your business and your customers.

Any single one of these tips will help you increase your digital footprint and generate interest online, but when you combine all three, you will see a surge in sales. Create content, use it to populate your social media presence, and ensure all your documentation and your website is easily accessible and functional. This will help you to generate interest, create leads, and convert them into sales.

Photo credits: Coworking London