How To Mould An Employee To Your Business

Every business has a different set of skills and attributes that are desirable in their workforce. You may be lucky enough to find perfectly suited people at the first time of asking, although this is probably rare and you will no doubt in some ways want to adapt and mould your employees to fit in to what is needed in your company. Here are some of the best ways to do this.

Hire Wisely

This is an obvious place to start, if you want to have an employee who will be perfectly suited to your business then start with one who is closest to the finished article as possible. Have a very clear idea of the skills, experience and attitudes you need for your company. Once you have these attributes identified then list them and test each candidate against these, question thoroughly at interview and tally up how many times in the application, CV and interview they score on one of your desired qualities, this exercise will allow you to separate the candidates out that are suited to you over ones that are good but perhaps not right for the role, remember the best candidate overall maybe isn’t automatically the best fit for you.

Have A Good In-House Training Programme

Once you have your new employees in place then if you are serious about moulding a workforce to specifically suit your business model then the time and effort needs to go into developing a good in-house training programme. Take current management and workers views into account and test out the training materials on current employees. You can employ specialist firms to write and produce training materials including, texts, video and interactive elements, working alongside these experts will give a much higher chance of delivering your training message effectively.

Employ School Leavers Above Graduates

Get them while they’re young is always a good strategy. If you take the path of hiring school leavers then they will be fresher and more impressionable to be trained in the methods that you desire. It can be a mutually beneficial arrangement as they will progress through the ranks and start earning early on in their careers and you can get a less expensive worker to begin with who ends up being a long term asset. A good way to appeal to school leavers and to recruit then it’s a good idea to promote on and around A level results day as this is the time that many of them will be considering their options.

Offer Incentives To Stay In The Company

To be able to attract good talent that will want to stick around for the long term, it is important to show what they will get by sticking with you for the long term. Offer a clear advancement strategy to show that their hard work can lead to promotions and greater earning potential. Perks are always attractive to young workers as well and you can easily offer a range of these such as gym memberships, tickets to events etc through partner organisations.

Be Clear In What You Want

For both you and the employee it is essential to know what you want to ensure that there is not wasted time and efforts from both sides here. Give a clear job description of the type of job and opportunities you are offering. Once you have your staff good management is essential.

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