Here’s Why Personal Injury Lawyers Now Like Co-working Spaces

Everybody needs a lawyer. As much as it is possible for one to absorb the tens of thousands of pages of standard information and represent themselves, it’s ultimately advisable to have an expert on the field help you out. One of the most common needs for legal counsel is personal injury. Whether it be at work or going about your daily life, wrongful injury can happen. When it does, we often think we have to go to some fancy building and pay an ungodly amount for parking. But surprisingly, more and more personal injury lawyers are choosing co-working spaces. Here’s why.

Saves You Commute Time 

Having a single location for all the lawyers of a law firm seems like a bit of an inconvenience in Los Angeles. If you live out in Chatsworth, and your personal injury lawyer is based in Fairfax, that’s going to mean almost three hours of travel time outside of your already grueling work commute. Some of the best law firms in LA are working to solve that issue. Experts are looking at strategically placing excellent lawyers to high-volume areas so that you don’t have to make that ridiculous drive. Furthermore, if there any updates or complications with the case, it’s good to know that a representative is not just a phone call away, but just a few miles. 

Closer To Medical Facilities 

Because of the nature of personal injury law, most cases have to be backed up by a medical certificate. Unfortunately, the majority of law offices are congregated around areas where there are a lot of lawyers, and not a lot of clinics. The exception would be UCLA or Cedars, but those places are extremely high volume locations. With co-working space, lawyers can position themselves much closer to specific clinics and medical personnel. That means that you, the client, don’t have to pay excessive parking, take on excessive miles, and risk further injury by moving around so much, especially if you’re an older client. One wouldn’t want to compromise their case because of a random accident that could potentially mask a wrongful injury.

Comfort and Ease

Outside of logistics, a coworker in space puts people at ease. It’s not the classic columns and wood panels. It doesn’t give the air of Ivy League superiority. It shows the people what personal injury lawyers really are: representation for the hurt and healing. Every co-working space has inexpensive conference rooms that you could rent out. Every co-working space is meant to be as comfortable as possible for the people in it. It is often democratic, kind, and courteous. There’s no room for inflated egos in a co-working space. It’s the perfect environment for personal injury lawyers.


This may be a novel idea, but down the line, all lawyers are going to be seeking out these spaces. It makes sense. On the business end, it can drastically decrease overhead while at the same time being close to clients in need. It is more convenient for everybody involved. On top of that, once everything is said and done, a lawyer can pack up and move onto the next space. That kind of freedom is invaluable.

Photo credits: Coworking London