Email Hosting 101: What It Is and How It Works

Do you own a business? If so, you need a customized mail address. What’s the point in using a Gmail or Hotmail tag when you can have one that carries your business’s name? A custom email tag can make your business look much more professional. Customers are not going to trust you if you are using a public email server. Trust will be lost because your business won’t look credible and public email servers are typically much less secure than private ones. This post will explore this topic in more detail, telling you what email hosting is and how it works.

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What Is Email Hosting?

As mentioned in the introduction to this post, email hosting allows you to have email addresses that use your business’s domain name. Finding an email hosting service to give your business custom email addresses is not difficult. If you are interested in hiring a company to do this for you, you need to make sure that you conduct online research and find the best one you can. A good way to determine a company’s suitability is to take a look at what past clients are saying about them online. You can see what people are saying by checking the business’s Google Review and Trustpilot pages out. Their website may also have customer reviews posted on it. If emails are slow coming to and from your inbox, your business’s profits could suffer. You therefore need to put a lot of thought into ensuring you get the best host you can.

Differences Between Domain and Email Hosting

The main difference between domain and email hosting is that a domain name is your website’s address, whereas email hosting is the service that makes it possible for you to use your domain name as your email address, ensuring you can send and receive emails from it. Put more simply, you need to have a domain name in order to get email hosting. However, professional email hosting isn’t given to you for free simply because you have a domain name. You have to pay for it separately. Sometimes the company that you have rented your domain from will offer complimentary email hosting for a small fee, though it’s usually cheaper and better to work with a third-party provider. Find the best one you can, otherwise you could experience email delays.

How Does Email Hosting Work?

There are two main types of email hosting. These are shared hosting and dedicated hosting. The former is when multiple websites share a single server. Shared hosting is usually a lot less expensive than dedicated hosting. However, while it’s cheaper, it is less secure and can experience more delays than dedicated hosting can. Dedicated hosting is the complete opposite of shared hosting. Your domain will have its own private server that is used exclusively by you. These servers are managed by the businesses offering them, ensuring they are secure, robust, reliable, and quick. Any issues you experience will be dealt with immediately by the company that you are renting your server from. If you encounter problems with your email host, you can switch to another. Host switching is very simple, and you won’t lose data if you do it properly.

What Are the Benefits of Email Hosting?

In order to appreciate why email hosting is important, you need to know what the benefits are. Educating yourself about the benefits can be difficult if you know nothing about email hosting. Fortunately, you can find the most notable benefits below:

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Better Business Credibility

The main benefit of having your own private email server is that your business will appear much more credible in the eyes of consumers. People today don’t want to do business with small enterprises that can’t protect them or offer a quality service. Having your own email server makes your business look a lot bigger than it actually is. Since almost every business today has its own private server, not having one makes you look unprofessional, even if your products or services are better than the ones offered by your industry rivals. Make sure that you think long and hard about your domain name, too. Ensure it’s unique and reflects your business’s true purpose.

More Secure Server

Security is something that you absolutely have to think about modern business. Cyber criminals are everywhere. If you do not think about ways to protect your business, you could end up being hacked. If your business is hacked, its private data will be shared online and used for fraud. Make sure that when you are looking for an email host, you find one who takes security very seriously. Some servers are more secure than others. You can find out how secure a server is by reading the host’s ‘About us’ section and getting in touch and asking them what processes they have in place to keep servers secure.

Faster Email Times

Fast email times are important. Nobody’s going to want to do business with you if you take forever to get back to their emails. However, if you have a slow server, responses will be delayed. Faster email times are therefore something you need to think long and hard about. Find the best host you can. If you are able to find a reliable host, then fast email times are a given. Make sure that you do double check a host’s speed before you commit to opening an account with them, though. You need the fastest email server you can get.

Greater Storage

Finally, think about storage. Did you know that public email servers typically have a lot less storage than private ones? If you do not get a private server for yourself, you won’t be able to store as much data. If a public email account runs out of data, customers typically have to pay for more or delete items. When you have a private server, all you have to do is get in touch with your host and ask them to add more space.

Email hosting is important in modern business. You need to have a private host so that your emails are secure and you get your own custom mail tag. A custom mail tag makes your business look a lot more credible, which is why it’s something you need to obtain.

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