Does your small business really need an office space?

When running a small business, it’s vital that you find an environment that works for you. There isn’t a clear-cut rule as to what office you should have or what businesses require one. Ultimately, it all comes down to your budget, your current situation and what you anticipate will happen in the future. Therefore, it begs the question: does your business actually need an office space? Here we’ll discuss whether having a private office is the right decision for you and what possible alternatives are out there.

Evaluate the nature of your role

Some businesses can be managed without an office. This is mostly true for sole traders who have little or no staff and business owners who run their company on the side of their day job. Although, it may be unsuitable to run a business from home if you expect to have regular meetings with clients or plan to hire more people as time goes on.

Having an office space does however give off a better impression and creates professional boundaries. You may also feel more comfortable distinguishing between your work and personal life.

Outsourcing tasks to maximise space

Look at your workforce and identify whether there are enough employees to warrant an office, or at least one that is large in size. Is there a way that you can reduce the number of staff that access the office? If so, then you’ll be able to decide on one that is smaller and more cost-efficient.

One way of reducing the number of in-house employees is to outsource some of your main roles and responsibilities. Not only does this save floor space but it also saves you time and money. 

You could outsource things like your accounting and bookkeeping procedures. Hiring a qualified team of business outsourcing specialists means you can relax knowing that your services are being taken care of by individuals who are well-equipment to deal with all sorts of challenges.

Consider using co-working spaces

When we think of a traditional office, we assume there are employees with their own desks and setups for one individual company. But there are alternatives out there for those who aren’t certain they really need an entire office to themselves.

Co-working spaces are picking up in popularity, thanks to their flexibility and lower costs. They are great if you want your office to be in a prime location but don’t anticipate being there all the time. They’re also well known for being sociable, which is great if you or your employees don’t want to be working from home constantly.

Photo credits: Coworking London