5 Salary Negotiation Tips To Get The Best Offer After A Break

Hey hustlers, did you know that career breaks are becoming the norm? Whether you are a new mom or want to quit for mental health reasons, you needn’t feel guilty about hitting the pause button. A LinkedIn survey states that 62% of all employees worldwide have recently taken a sabbatical.  However, you may lose more than your current wages by doing so. A comeback may be challenging, and even if you find a dream job, you may have to settle for less. That’s why it’s crucial to negotiate your salary and perks like a boss when returning to the workforce.  But how do you ensure getting the best deal? Don’t worry, here are a few tips to negotiate your salary like a pro after taking a hiatus. 

Know your worth 

Don’t forget what you’re worth, guys and girls, even if you’ve been off the radar for a bit! Before jumping into negotiations after a break, research the current market rates for your position and experience levels. Sites like Glassdoor offer valuable insights into the industry’s salary range.

 You can also hit up your professional networks or connect with recruiters to know more. Once you’ve got the lowdown on your worth, you can immediately bring that fire to the negotiating table.

Sell yourself with a killer resume

Just because you took a sabbatical doesn’t mean you didn’t crush it before! Selling yourself with a killer resume can do the trick when you’re negotiating your salary. Don’t forget to highlight the skills and experience you picked up during your break. 

Maybe you took courses to stay sharp or did some volunteering. Or maybe you were freelancing like a boss. Whatever it is, make sure recruiters see it on your resume.

Think beyond the basic pay

Remember that salary isn’t the only piece of the pie when it comes to a compensation package. While negotiating salary offer, double-check perks such as flex schedules, health insurance, and retirement plans.

Maybe you need extra vacation days or love working from home. Negotiating for these perks is a great way to create an ideal work-life balance.

Don’t be afraid to ask for more 

Coming back after a break can leave you feeling shaky. But don’t fall short of confidence as it may mess with your game when you’re hustling for that paycheck. Push those fears aside and ask for what you want and deserve. 

Be assertive with your negotiation skills because you’ll never know what you’re worth if you don’t ask. Worst case, they say no, and you move to the next gig. So be bold and get that cash!

Hone your negotiation skills 

Negotiating is a soft skill, and it takes practice to improve. In fact, you need it more when planning a comeback. Don’t wait until you have a job offer on the table. Start honing your negotiation skills by practicing with a friend or a family member. 

Get comfortable with the money conversation and develop your own negotiation style. Aim for a win-win situation where you feel happy about starting again.

The Takeaway

Surely, negotiating salaries after a hiatus may seem daunting, but with the right prep and approach, you can land a great deal. You can try these tips to secure a fair and competitive compensation package that reflects your worth. Good luck!

Photo credits: Coworking London