Customer Service Statistics Every Startup Needs to Know

Back in the day, what probably mattered the most with business owners was marketing their products strategically and coming out with competitively priced items. While these are two incredibly important ingredients to any business today, a third component has been added—and it’s one you shouldn’t skip. It’s none other than customer service.

Businesses have become increasingly customer-centric, meaning your buyers don’t just want to shop from you—they want to build a relationship with you, too. No matter the size of your business or industry, having a competent customer service department is critical to ensuring operational success.

Thanks in part to technology, providing remarkable customer service has become easier. Your loyal customers can now reach you with a few clicks of a button compared to waiting on the phone for hours on end before an agent can attend to their concern. Social media has also been of great help with customer service efforts besides marketing and advertising your products.

As a small business, you need to remember that customer service should be one of your main focuses. Even if you don’t intend to scale, the simple act of having customer support will help you retain clients and keep your revenue growing.

Here are some intriguing facts and numbers regarding the customer service landscape you should know.

Photo credits: SuperStaff