6 Handy Services to Improve a Coworking Space

More often than not, coworking spaces are the optimal solution for freelancers, business partners, and college students who need a well-organized area where they can focus on their tasks. This is why coworking spaces are on the rise, with plenty of them popping up left, right, and center every couple of weeks. With this formidable competition, it can be challenging to make your coworking space stand out and attract more clients. Fortunately, with just a few upgrades, you can take your small business to new heights. If you run a coworking space, be sure not to miss the next 6 great services that can help your business thrive!

A Telephone Answering Service

Having a receptionist operating your front desk is technically the best approach, but if you do not have the needed funds to hire one, don’t just leave your clients an automated message telling them to call later! This can only make your customers turn to competitors that promptly reply to their queries. Instead, you can invest in a telephone answering service.

If you are a UK resident, you have many options to choose from as these services are widely popular and available for all businesses. As thoroughly explained on this website, you should go for a company that allows you to customize your greeting message, helps your customers make reservations, and notifies you of any problems its operators come across. That way, you can offer your clients superb customer service at a pittance of the cost of hiring a dedicated receptionist.

Fast Internet

Speedy internet is one of the main attractions of coworking spaces. So, it is not surprising that most high-grossing ones offer their customers top-notch internet packages. To improve your standing, you have to invest in a good internet connection. You should offer your visitors an internet speed of at least 160 Mbps in addition to unlimited download quotas. Not only can this fantastic service enable your business to attract more customers, but it also helps you double or even triple your profits!

Different Setups

You should keep in mind that your customers have different needs, which is why you must diversify the different setups of your rooms. When it comes to designing your rooms, there are many options you can go for, depending on your demographic. Generally, you can have shared spaces, private rooms and offices, and an outdoor area. Moreover, don’t forget to add a meeting room fully equipped with a projector and a whiteboard to accommodate your top-ranking clients. If you do not have much experience with interior design, you can always hire a professional to give your coworking space a sleek look.



Working for hours on end is bound to make your customers hungry, so why have them call a restaurant when you can cater to their needs? If you are willing to invest a bit, catering services are a must. You do not even have to make your setup too fancy because simply adding a kitchen or a minibar where your clients can have access to snacks and beverages should do the trick. To take it up a notch, you can hire waiters to take orders and deliver them instead of making your customers serve themselves. Additionally, partnering up with a local restaurant is certainly a good idea since this gives you access to exclusive deals and quality services.


Everyone likes events, but for managers of coworking spaces, they often entail extra costs. However, this does not have to be the case. In fact, there is a wide array of inexpensive events you can hold. For example, you can implement ideas like happy hour, game nights, or even speed networking. The sky’s the limit to what you can come up with, so impress your customers with creative events that help them stay engaged.

Training Sessions

Services like catering and speedy internet are important, albeit basic. Training sessions, however, are the exact opposite of “basic.” By offering your customers professional training sessions on the most crucial skills, such as digital marketing, new coding languages, or financial management, you can keep them interested in your services. Furthermore, seeking the help of experts in these fields is a sure-fire way of proving that such sessions are indeed legit, not just a scam.

The business scene is ever-changing, and relying on coworking spaces to hold meetings and finish projects has become the new norm. As an owner of a coworking space, you must offer quality services to remain ahead of your competition. Offering your customers fast internet, catering services, periodic events, and training classes are an easy way to make your business stand out and generate more profits. Also, don’t forget about effective communication. By hiring a telephone answering service, you can keep up with reservations and customer requests without depleting your resources.

Photo credits: coworkinglondon.com