4 Affordable Ways to Approach Brand Promotion

Promoting your brand and creating a positive first impression is extremely important. While potential customers may not decide to purchase following the initial exposure to your brand and what the company offers, it makes huge inroads into their awareness of it. From there, it’s possible to continue to shape their impression of the brand, leading to a potential sale.


Here are 4 affordable ways to approach brand promotion.

1.     Up Your Presentation Game

Creating dynamic presentations using colourful graphics and interactive elements brings everything to life. When presented on a large screen format, it demonstrates the time and effort that’s gone into shaping a winning demonstration.

Trying to do that in-house and achieving the right quality level can seem impossible for some. That is why it’s a good idea to use a specialist company, like Buffalo 7, that’s dedicated to crafting winning presentations for their clients to use. When capturing new business, especially for big-ticket sales, nothing less will do.

2.     Demonstrate Expertise Early and Often

Whether marketing exclusively to business clients or trying to capture the interest of consumers too, they all want to know that you’re an expert. At a time when seemingly everyone is claiming this status, it’s difficult to stand above the din with a clear message. Yet, this is what’s necessary.

Demonstrate the expertise of the staff by penning guest posts in industry magazines, online blogs, and other sources. Let potential customers into your business world. Show them how deep your thinking goes. Let the staff shine through impressive editorials.

While the audience may not understand everything discussed, it will still make a difference. When it’s clear that the people working in the business know what they’re doing, hiring them, or outsourcing to them is an easier decision than it was before.

3.     Seek Out Interviews

While branding is great, people need to know a little bit about the people behind it. It humanises them, quite literally. People like to relate in some way to a person who is talking on behalf of a company. Accordingly, you should seek out interviews on a podcast, YouTube, and mainstream media if you can find a way into it.

However, don’t only see the largest platforms to discuss business because your brand may be too small to attract them. Instead, aim for smaller podcasters, newer YouTube channels, and other avenues with a growing audience share. These are far easier to get booked onto. Bear in mind that it’s not necessary to promote the business while ‘on the show.’ The host will often do that for you. Plus, just representing yourself well goes a long way to convincing the listeners without needing to get overly promotional.

4.     Use Instructional Videos to Simplify Explanations

In the Twitter world that we live in now, people’s attention spans have become considerably shorter. They’ve also become less receptive to complicated messages. For brands with a complex message or advanced product line, this can create additional obstacles. To get around these, create a series of instructional videos to explain what your business does or how the technology with it works.

For instance, Ezoic is a leading advertising technology platform, but there’s confusion in the marketplace about whether it’s an ad platform too. They’ve been putting out videos explaining – and visually demonstrating – the different aspects of their services to make it clearer to their audience.

By thinking a little outside the box with brand marketing, it’s possible to find affordable and effective ways to get your brand out there.

Photo credits: coworkinglondon.com