Why Consult An Immigration Expert To Obtain Italian Investor Visa

If you are an immigration aspirant, you will probably know that the road to a second passport is a long one. Everything boils down to choosing the right destination because some countries are more expat-friendly than others. Search for a destination that embraces immigrants with open arms because it will be easy to blend in and start afresh. At the same time, check the legal process for immigration to ensure it is not too complex and time-consuming. 

Italy makes an ideal destination from both perspectives. It is an incredible place to live in, with wonderful weather, friendly people, and rich culture. You can explore an excellent lifestyle and lucrative financial opportunities as an immigrant.  The country also offers multiple immigration routes such as citizenship by descent, marriage, and naturalization. You also have the option to start with an investor visa to move in quickly as a resident and pursue citizenship down the line. 

While an investor visa offers a backdoor entry to Italy, the last thing you should do is make the process for granted. It takes effort and expertise to get through, and here is a detailed guide by Bersani Law Firm to know the nitty-gritty of the process. Once you know it better, you will understand the importance of collaborating with an immigration expert for the process. Let us explain the benefits of consulting a specialist to obtain an Italian investor visa.

They know the eligibility norms

The good thing about the investor visa is that you need nothing much in the name of eligibility. You only need to be over 18 can apply. Other conditions include being in good health and having a clean police record. However, money is the mainstay of the Italian investor visa program because it is specifically designed for wealthy people who can buy residency rather than get in through ancestral connections or marriage. But you need not worry if you cannot spend a fortune because the Italian investor visa has multiple investment options. You can get in with thousands instead of millions, but good guidance is a must. An immigration expert can help in this context as they know the eligibility norms and can explain them to you. These include- 

  • €250,000 in an innovative startup business
  • €500,000 in an established and operating company
  • €1 million as a donation to a welfare project 
  • €2 million worth of Italian government bonds

Seek advice on the options to decide on the ideal one depending on your preference and financial ability. With an expert showing the way, you have better chances of making the right decision. 

They understand the paperwork and process thoroughly

Although the Italian investor visa process is the simplest of all immigration options,  you cannot dive in without knowledge and preparation. The last thing you want to encounter is a delay or rejection only because of an error or omission in the paperwork. An immigration specialist knows the process like a pro, so they make it a breeze. Essentially, it comprises only two steps. These are-

  • The first step is getting a certificate of no impediment (nulla osta) to validate your investment capacity. The best thing about the Italian investor visa is that you only need to provide proof of funds rather than bring in the committed investment until landing in Italy. But your documentation should be foolproof to qualify for a nulla osta. It entails a simple online application, though the paperwork can get tricky. A professional ensures no errors and omissions in the papers to prevent any roadblocks.  Once you fulfill the legal requirements, your nulla osta comes within thirty days.
  • After the nulla osta process, you are all set to obtain the Italian investor visa at your local consulate. Although the step is relatively easy, it still makes sense to have an expert checking your papers once again. They will also have some pro tips to help you clear the interview and get approval. The entire process, including both steps, takes a few months, so you can be ready for Italian residence sooner than you expect. You can also bring your dependents along without any additional investment. The only condition is to prove that you can support them financially with your income. An investor visa expert can guide you through both steps. 

They help you fulfil your citizenship goals

Most investor visa applicants have their eyes set on Italian citizenship in the long run. After all, it opens the opportunity to own one of the most powerful passports that let you travel visa-free to 193 countries. But getting there is a long and complex journey that requires multiple transitions. You land with the investor visa and get a residence permit right away. But remember to have the funds at hand because you have to invest them within three months to avoid the revocation of your residence permit. 

The two-year permit has to be renewed before expiration. After five years as a resident, you become eligible for permanent residence. Spending another five years as a permanent resident makes you eligible for citizenship by naturalization. Another condition you have to fulfill is to retain the original investment throughout the citizenship journey. The ten-year process is complicated and requires a good understanding of Italian immigration law. An expert shows the way and leads you through the process effortlessly. 

Whether you want Italian residency or have citizenship by naturalization in mind, an investor visa gives you the right start. Although it is among the easiest immigration options, you must do your due diligence to get through. Even better, collaborate with an immigration expert to guide you about the process. They set you up for a smooth journey ahead, even if you dream of getting an Italian second passport in the long run. 

Photo credits: coworkinglondon.com