Which Services Should You Be Outsourcing To Support Your Small Business?

When trying to grow your small business, you may find some large roadblocks ahead. As a small team, your skill-base will likely be limited. And if it’s not, finding both the time and energy to get your team to handle more tasks than they should, can be both demotivating and damaging to your overall business. Here, we list some essential services that you should consider outsourcing, freeing up your time to focus on other important tasks.

If you have your own marketing team then you’re probably not what would be classed as a “small business”. Having a team dedicated to promoting your brand and creating content to stimulate your sales and reach is probably one of the best assets any business can have. This is why there are lots of marketing agencies out there now that are specifically focused on providing dedicated marketing content to independent businesses. They tend to offer the creation of both digital and physical content so that when you want to stop watching the Photoshop tutorials, you don’t need to get your own in-house marketing professionals.

Outsourcing your delivery services should be greatly considered. It’s very rare for a business nowadays to be delivering parcels themselves. The number of amazing delivery services out there that will come and pick up your parcels and ship them for very affordable prices is staggering. Spend some time deciding on the right service for you in this competitive marketplace. If your business is situated in London, for example, expert delivery services like that of Mango Logistics Group offer both international and UK next day deliveries as well as a very handy same day courier service, in case you’ve got some critical, time-sensitive items to get across the city as fast as possible. 

General Staff
The act of hiring freelancers has become incredibly popular over the past few years. Paying an expert in their field for a specific task can be far more cost-effective than keeping a professional on the books. The chances are, these experts will be charging significantly more per hour for their services than if they were salaried, but the flexibility of hiring freelancers far outweighs cons like that. On another level, you may find that choosing an agency that will allocate a professional for a particular job will give you even more peace of mind.

IT And Customer Services
Similarly with marketing, having your own team to solely manage your IT needs can be hugely taxing on your resources. Especially as a small company, it is unlikely that you’ll need constant IT support. Paying for an off-site helpdesk will be cheaper, and you’ll benefit from the software and tech that they have on offer. Off-site customer services are in the same vein here. This type of service can free up a lot of time for your staff who might otherwise be taking an abundance of calls instead of being able to focus on the tasks that you need them to do.

Photo credits: coworkinglondon.com