Tips for Staying Productive While Working Remotely

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing many businesses to shift to a remote work model, it’s more important than ever to know how to stay productive while working from home. Fortunately, you can do a few key things to set yourself up for success. Here are a few tips for staying productive while working remotely.

1. Get dressed for the day

Not leaving the house doesn’t mean you should spend the day in your pajamas. Getting dressed for work will help put you in the right mindset and make you feel more professional. 

Of course, there’s no need to don a suit and tie if that’s not your style; make sure you’re presentable and comfortable.

2. Create a dedicated workspace

If possible, find a quiet room in your house where you can set up shop for the day. It will help you to avoid distractions and stay focused on work. If you don’t have an extra room, try creating a space just for work, even if it’s just a corner of your kitchen table or living room couch.

Working remotely sometimes needs co-working space for dedication. If you are a resident of London, then find the best coworking spaces in London easily.

3. Take breaks throughout the day 

It’s important to take some time away from work to relax and rejuvenate. Step away from your computer every few hours to take a walk, stretch, or grab a snack. Taking breaks will help you stay focused and prevent burnout.

4. Set a schedule and stick to it

Working from home can be flexible, but setting some structure for your day is important. Decide what hours you’ll work and stick to that as much as possible. This will help you stay on task and avoid getting too comfortable with the at-home lifestyle.

5. Stay connected with your team

Working remotely can be isolating, so staying in touch with your coworkers is important. Use video conferencing or chat apps to check regularly and catch up on projects. You can also use these tools to collaborate on work in real time.

6. Make time for yourself

Working from home can be demanding, so making time for yourself outside of work is important. Dedicate some time each day to do something you enjoy, whether reading, cooking, or spending time with family. This will help you relax and recharge to be productive during work hours.

7. Take advantage of online productivity tools

Many online tools can help you stay on track while working remotely. Use apps like Asana or Trello to keep track of projects, and set up Google Calendar alerts to remind you of deadlines. 

Many great time-tracking apps, like RescueTime, can help you see where you’re spending too much time online and adjust accordingly.

8. Give yourself grace

Working from home is a new experience for many of us, so cutting yourself some slack is crucial. Don’t expect to be productive every day; some days will be better than others. And that’s okay. Just do your best and be patient with yourself as you adjust to this new way of working.

9. Limit distractions by turning off notifications and social media

One of the biggest productivity killers is notifications from social media and other apps. Avoid the urge to check your phone every time it buzzes by turning off notifications for non-essential apps. You can also try using a tool like Freedom to block distracting websites and apps while working.

10. Get up and move

Sitting in the same spot all day is not only unhealthy, but it can also make you less productive. Get up and move around for a few minutes every hour to stretch your legs and get your blood flowing. You can even try standing or working from a treadmill desk to stay active while you work. Working from home doesn’t have to be a struggle.

11. Find a work buddy to stay accountable

If you’re struggling to keep on task, find someone working from home and agree to check in with each other throughout the day. This can help you stay accountable and motivated to get work done.

12. Set clear boundaries with family and friends

It can be hard to draw the line between work and life when working from home. Make sure your family and friends understand when you’re available and when you’re not. Set up a dedicated workspace if possible, and let people know that you’re not to be disturbed during work hours.

13. Create a routine

When you’re used to working in an office environment, it can be challenging to establish a routine when working from home. However, creating a routine will help you stay focused and productive. Wake up at the same time, take breaks at the same time each day, and set specific hours for work and leisure activities.

14. Invest in comfortable work gear

If you’re working from home for a while, it’s worth investing in some comfortable work gear. This can include anything from an ergonomic office chair to noise-canceling headphones. Creating a comfortable and inviting workspace will make working from home more enjoyable.

15. Set realistic goals

Working from home can be a great opportunity to increase your productivity. But it’s important to set realistic goals for yourself. Start by setting small goals and working your way up. This will help you avoid feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

16. Take advantage of the flexibility

One of the great things about working from home is its flexibility. If you need to take a break in the middle of the day to run errands or take care of personal business, you can do so without asking for permission. 

However, it’s essential to use this flexibility wisely and not let it interfere with your work.

Following these tips, you can stay productive while working remotely. Remember to take breaks, create a dedicated workspace, and stay connected with your team to set yourself up for success. You can make the most of working from home with little effort.


If you’re new to working remotely, these tips will help you stay productive and avoid burnout. Just remember to get dressed for the day, create a dedicated workspace, and take breaks throughout the day. You’ll be well on your way to success in your new remote role with a little effort.

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