Things to Consider When Taking a Job in London

Just accepted a job in the capital? Congratulations! If you’re relocating from another part of the UK, there are a few things to prepare for so that your first weeks and months of London life go as you want them to. 

Planning your Commute

Your salary and the price of your commute are two delicate financial matters to balance on the scales before you confirm your interest in that job. The average Londoner pays £64.19 per week on their commute.

If you live just outside of London, you may need to pay for a Travelcard that allows you to use local train networks, buses and the tube. So for example, an Anytime Travelcard on a weekday would cost you £21.50 per day if you were commuting between Zone 6 and Zone 1. 

Map out your route first, when considering the job. London King’s Cross Station is a very convenient place to change trains for many commuters. Its central location, tube connectivity and proximity to London St Pancras are ideal.

Price difference

Though wages might be higher in the capital, the cost of living is too. London living has one of the highest price tags in the world, so look for places to live that are further out of the centre, yet still within reasonable commuting distance. 

Make a habit of walking or cycling the shorter journeys and you can save a few bob!

And if you want to watch a show at the West End but the cost is a concern, did you know that you can turn up to the TKTS booth in Leicester Square on the day of a show and snag a bargain?

The new social scene

There’s one thing about London that is much more magnetic than its prices, and that is the bustling social scene. The city never really switches off, so those who are searching for fun and entertainment will find it in spades!

Many London workplaces encourage socialising after work too, and there is certainly no shortage of venues for that. 

If you don’t know anyone yet, why not join a pub crawl in Shoreditch? This is a hub for niche bars that you’re sure to love. You can find a ball pit bar, a ping pong bar and all sorts of others.

If you’re fresh out of university and heading into London for your first job, you’ll probably be house-sharing. Though you may have friends also in the capital, be mindful that busy lives and complicated commuting routes sometimes dampen even the best of intentions to keep in touch! So weigh up your potential housemates carefully before signing the contract. 

Work-life balance

Just like in any job, you must maintain that balance between home and work life. Don’t let anyone pressure you into extra unpaid hours without a very good reason. Be wary too of signing yourself up for extra responsibilities that could add hours and GBP to that commute.

Living in London is a lifestyle. That lifestyle includes on-tap access to entertainment hotspots and nightlife. It also entails becoming your own financial advisor. All in all, it can be an unforgettable experience as long as you learn how to juggle the two!

Photo credits: Coworking London