The Smartest Business Investments of All Time

Everyone dreams of making millions of dollars in their life. With that amount of money, you can retire early, travel the world, and look after your family for years to come. However, that money will not come quickly as you will have to not only demonstrate savvy business skills but an extremely high commitment to make it there.

One of the best ways to quickly earn and grow your net worth is by making business investments. If you do your research and you make smart choices, you will be amazed at how much money there is to be made. On the flip side, if you rush into things and invest quickly, you might lose it all and end up in an even worse position. Research is crucial and will go a long way towards helping you achieve your dreams. Here are some of the smartest business investments of all time. 

Running a Franchise

When it comes to franchises and investing, there is an interesting connection. There are many people out there who think that if they purchase a franchise, they will be guaranteed to make plenty of money. Franchises do have the potential for a lot of earnings, but they require a lot of work and business smarts behind it to achieve them.

First of all, what is a franchise? A franchise is an authorization given by a company to an individual or a group of people, allowing them to carry out the business that the company provides. The best example of this would be a fast-food chain, such as McDonald’s. A person pays the company the right to open a McDonalds and sell their products.

To open a franchise, you have to make payments to that company each month constantly. Without a proper business model, you will quickly fall behind on these payments and lose out on your initial investment. The experts at say that there are many services out there to help give you the training necessary to run a franchise. The company you acquire the license from will generally not give you any knowledge regarding the business and how to run it. It is up to you to get it done.

Therefore, training before acquiring a franchise is extremely beneficial to you and your investment. Not only will they teach you how to run a franchise, but they will also help show you what franchises are the best ones to invest in and which ones will work best in your location. This means that you can maximize your investment as well, getting the most return for what you put in. It can be extremely difficult work, but with the right knowledge and work ethic, you can turn a franchise into one of the smartest business investments.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Companies

Back in 2017, bitcoin massively increased in value, shooting to as high as $20 000. Those who invested when bitcoins were a hundred dollars or even lower became instant millionaires if they waited that long to sell. Unfortunately, that window for massive profit has closed. However, there are still ways that you can make brilliant investments into cryptocurrency and bitcoin.

By day trading these coins, you stand to make a lot of money if you do your research and follow the trends. Become knowledgeable about crypto and start to recognize how it works. You’ll notice that the market is extremely volatile and will jump up into peaks and fall down into valleys fairly quickly. If you want to have a smart investment, try to predict when these peaks and valleys are coming and sell in those areas. Through smart business decisions, you can grow that investment and add even more money into these coins. The more money you invest, the more you stand to make. 

Another opportunity to make money in the crypto market is through start-up coins. There are many companies claiming to revolutionize the blockchain with their new currency; however, they need investments to get things going. These investments come with you receiving a large amount of their crypto. If you target the right company and their coin explodes, you can live a success story similar to those that found success in bitcoin. Cryptocurrency and bitcoin, when done correctly, can be one of the smartest business investments of all time.

Real Estate Companies

When looking to make a smart investment, you have to ask yourself what is a business that will always be relevant? These are generally extremely safe and wise things to invest into. The real estate market, for example, is one that will continue to rise even though people are speaking about the bubble potentially popping.

No matter what, people will need a place to live, whether it be a condo or a house. With the exponentially increasing population of the world, there is always a high demand for these houses. As a result, the price for any form of real estate is relatively high, and it begins to reach ridiculous prices in major cities such as New York City. By investing in one of the major real estate markets, you are practically guaranteeing an increase in the amount of money that you put in.

As long as these major cities exist, people will move to them in search of jobs, and from there, they will get home and get a mortgage. You don’t even have to invest in a property in the major city itself—a cheaper option is to pick a fast-growing neighborhood near it, where you can find cheaper places that will definitely increase value in the next few years. For Toronto, this includes fast-developing areas near downtown proper such as North York, where there’s a booming condo development (see here).

Because the real estate market is a reasonably safe investment, you can expect returns to be small from it at first. However, as your returns grow, so can the size of your investment. Continue to invest comfortable amounts in the market till and be proud of your smart business decision.


All of these serve as great investments for you if you are looking to grow your portfolio and make plenty of money. Remember that while there is a potential for earnings, there is also the potential to lose everything if you are not careful. Always track your investment and see how the business you have invested in is doing. Don’t be afraid to relocate your money if things aren’t working out as planned. Before long, you will be savvy in the business world and know exactly how to make your money. What businesses do you plan on investing in?

Photo credits: Pixabay