The Beauty of Simple Lines In Office Ceiling

Ceiling tiles are used in many office interior decorations. Now a new type of office ceiling is becoming more and more popular in office design, giving the office a new style of decoration.

It is the baffle ceiling. It is beautiful and has many colors and clear and smooth lines. It can combine various decorative styles and create different visual effects. At the same time, the smooth lines create a comfortable and relaxed office atmosphere for the office.

Aluminium baffle ceilings are mostly used in public places with dense crowds of hidden projects and are very suitable for office spaces and commercial building passages. Rectangular tube baffle ceiling is most suitable for large open-area ceilings. It is simple, high-end, neat, and can more intuitively display the effect of the atmosphere.

The aluminium baffle ceiling is convenient for air circulation, exhaust and heat dissipation, and can evenly distribute the light and make the whole space bright and spacious. Extruded aluminum baffle ceiling is with rich colors (wood finish, white, black, brown, etc), which can be processed in standard or customized colors. Baffle ceiling can be produced from aluminium plate or can be made by aluminium extrusion. The length is customized according to the project drawings, usually within 6 meters. Installation is extremely simple. The aluminium baffle ceiling itself has specific permeability, and the ceiling is convenient for fire protection installation and has the effects of flame retardant, moisture-proof, fire prevention, and oxidation resistance. Aluminum can be used for 20-30 years. The coating on its surface is not only beautiful but also adds flame retardant and anti-oxidation materials. It is a ceiling series that is preferred for public areas and office working areas.

Photo credits: Fennov Alluminium