Why Do People Thrive in Coworking Spaces?

With the number of coworking spaces doubling in number every year worldwide, this shared office environments has definitely caught the attention of the real estate industry, converting traditional enclosed offices into open-plan workplace for freelancers,...

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Coworking in Numbers: What Do The Stats Reveal

Coworking is no longer a trend, it is a way of working. Coworking has become the synonym of productive and stimulating work and shared-office environment benefiting from the close proximity and connection to like-minded entrepreneurs and startups. The hig...

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6 Ways to Beat Distractions and Stay Focused at Work

Coworking is a concept of working independently in a shared working environment. At the moment, this workstyle is increasing in popularity because it allows individuals to be a part of a professional community where you may share ideas and knowledge while...

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A Special Working Experience in Busy London

To all London coworkers, have you ever wanted a really different day at work? Maybe a change of environment would be good to give your creative and efficient side a boost? If this is the case, we know just where to go! Throughout the years London has gain...

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