Scenarios that will make you glad to have HR support

As an employee, it’s easy to think that HR simply assists during the recruitment process and will then organise your personal files and payroll throughout your work life. However, it might surprise you that they do in fact play a fundamental role in the day to day running of the business and keeping you and your fellow employees happy, safe and productive.

Working in HR means long hours, difficult scenarios, organising events, health and safety legislation, endless admin tasks and plenty of recruitment drives – click here for the reasons to choose HR software for marketing. And while most of these tasks don’t seem overly influential on your day-to-day working life, some scenarios will make you glad that you have the support of HR in your corner. Read on to find out more.


The employees are the beating heart of any company. And this is when HR steps up to the plate. One of the fundamental tasks of any HR department involves finding the right fit for the business in terms of new hires. Of course, it’s easy for businesses to cast their employment nets and hope for the best, but a HR department will dedicate time, and a strict budget in to finding the right fit for the company. Someone who can integrate with fellow employees well and someone who will complement current working practices.

Your career

HR isn’t all about legalities and legislation in the workplace. They’re also there to support employees who want to progress in their careers. If someone wants to move ahead and become a manager for example, then HR can help them work on areas they need to build and focus on as well as getting their name out there into other departments that could benefit their ambition. Developing a training plan, and highlighting other training opportunities that may be of interest to them should be provided by their HR team.

Managing changes

Change within a business is expected. Whether it’s a change in job descriptions, a change in high-level management or a complete change in the ethos and direction of the company. Large structural and organisational changes can play havoc with productivity and employee trust within the company. Therefore HR can step in and ensure that each employee is up to date with any changes or alterations to their roles and are invited to consultations throughout these changes. Employees can always rely on HR during these difficult times.


If you feel like you are being treated unfairly in any way, HR will be there to try and work through the issue with you, getting to the bottom of the problem. If you wish to raise something with them anonymously, then you should also be able to do so. Keep evidence to back up your complaint, whether it is unprofessional work emails you’ve received, unrealistic tasks you’ve been set or overtime you have been made to work. Document everything to back up your claim – this will also give the HR team a clearer understanding of your situation, how long it has been ongoing and how often problems arise.

And finally, recognition

In business, a simple thank you can go a long way. When employees work hard and go above and beyond with very little recognition from their peers, it can severely impact their productivity and their attitude towards the company. This kind of discontent can easily spread between employees and departments.

Thankfully, HR will always think of ways to champion employees and recognise their daily efforts. Whether it’s through awards ceremonies and corporate events, benefits packages, business perks or pay rises, HR works hard to ensure all employees feel engaged with their employer.