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Choosing a soft and luxurious bathrobe can make your bathing experience better and more outstanding. It can help you have a luxury bath experience at your home. But the problem is you may not be able to find the best bathrobes with ordinary research.

To help you with the selection of premium quality bath robes, we are here to discuss the products available at From this blog, you can read the qualities of bathrobes available in this store. Moreover, we will share a few hand-picked bath robes too that we recommend choosing from the entire collection.

Qualities of Bath Robes at Thetowelshop

Overall, the bath robes offered by Thetowelshop are of premium quality and have multiple qualities as compared to others. After comprehensive research, we have listed some of the most important properties of these products as compared to other stores.

Pure Cotton Material

The cotton material is the best one when it comes to bath robes. You will feel comfortable, cosy, and soft rub to your body while wearing the bathrobes made with this material.

From Thetowelshop, you will find most of its products made with 100% pure cotton. It means that you will not find low-quality material for their production. To guarantee the material’s quality, most of its products are certified by Sedex, Oekotex, etc. 

The use of cotton material will also improve the absorbance of the bath robe making it suitable for you even if you are going to have a bath in the pool. 

Fine Quality Manufacturing

Not every person uses bath robes when going for a bath in their room’s bathroom. It is mostly used by the people who are going to have a bath in their hotel’s pool or enjoying in their free time. To improve the experience, the bath robes should be manufactured nicely with great care.

The Towel shop has taken this consideration seriously and left no stone unturned in the manufacturing of its products. You will find its production from stitching to sizing perfect to be worn by anyone. 

Doesn’t matter whether you are looking to wear it at a private pool party or a public place, you can have good looks. It is right to say that the manufacturing quality has been kept at high standards to let everyone use it fearlessly. 

Modern Designing

Unlike other bath robe stores, you will not find all their products in old-fashioned designs. Most of the bathrobes available in that store have modern designs as per the requirements of the use.

You can choose a hood bathrobe as well as a gown to wear as per your demand. Moreover, the external surface of the bath robes is made simple and elegant to give you a perfect look while wearing them. 

3 Best Cotton Bath Robes by Thetowelshop

While exploring the collection of bathrobes at Thetowelshop, you might be confused. The reason is it has multiple products with premium quality materials and affordable pricing. To make the selection easy, we are here with the best 3 products that we have found most suitable for a variety of people. 

Pure Cotton Terry Towelling Dressing Gown

One of the best products from its list is this Terry Towelling Dressing Gown. It is made of 100% cotton and towelling material. This combination of materials makes it more comfortable, soft, and absorbing. You will get a soft touch to your body by wearing this bathrobe.

Moreover, its extra absorbance will help you quickly get dried after a few minutes of taking a bath. You can keep this dressing gown clean because of its machine washing feature. It will be pretty simple and quick to wash this bath robe, dry it, and use it.

The only drawback of this product is that it is available in only one size from this store. So, you should make sure that the available size is suitable for you. To let you keep your necessary accessories with you, it has two frontal pockets too.

Value Range Terry Towelling Kimono Bathrobe

Another bathrobe made with 100% cotton is the Value Range Kimono Bathrobe. It is one of the best bathrobes available in the store because of is lightweight, extra absorbent, and warm. To give it an extra absorbent property, the terry towelling material is used.

Because of the cotton material, it gives your body a soft touch while wearing it after your bath. The most prominent feature that makes it better than others is the pricing. It has a lower price as compared to many other bathrobes available at The Towel Shop.

You can also save extra perks by ordering a pack of bathrobes. It would be good to choose the entire pack if you belong to a hotel business as you need multiple bath robes for your customers. The only issue is that it is available in only two colours. 

100% Cotton Lightweight Waffle Dressing Gown

Another reliable and extra comfortable bathrobe from this store is the Lightweight Waffle Dressing Gown. As the name shows, it is a lightweight bathrobe that can be used by anyone without feeling tired. Unlike other bathrobes, it has 300 grams per square meter weight.

Moreover, it has been designed with versatile sizing quality. It means that it has been made with a “one size fits all” concept. You can wear it easily without checking the body measurements. 

Additionally, this bathrobe is available in three different lively colours. So, you can choose the one according to your demands and desires to look better. 


By reading this blog about men’s and women’s bathrobes, you must have found the best one for you. We have discussed the most suitable bath robes available at Thetowelshop with affordable pricing tags and premium qualities.

You can choose any of these and improve your experience of using these products. We are sure these bathrobes will surely be the best ones and give you an exceptional experience.