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The Sandpit is a go-to-market business builder for tech startups focused on B2B digital marketing. We ensure that these startups get the right support in all areas so that the tech founders can focus on perfecting their product. Our team works closely with them by acting as commercial co-founders. We provide all of our portfolio companies hands-on support for all aspects of the business, including sales and marketing, strategic direction and leadership, legal, finance, admin and human resources.

Our business builder model was created to de-risk startups and reverse the early-stage failure rate. A business builder is not the same as an incubator or accelerator. There is no cookie cutter fixed-period programme at The Sandpit, instead we work with startups until they are self-sufficient, fast growth, standalone businesses.

Our Mission
Our mission is to maximize the impact of the next generation people and products by providing tech-driven founders a business model designed to completely align with their interests. In everything we do, we are completely aligned with the founders and stick with them until they become commercially successful.
Our Business Model
Below is the typical process of a company entering and exiting our infrastructure. By remaining loyal to the digital marketing vertical, we are able to leverage the same customer base, methodology and processes, as well as investors and growth strategies. For every new company we onboard, we build more IP that can be used for each new business.
The Proof of Concept phase establishes product-market fit. The Sandpit team utilises our extensive network of blue-chip CMOs and existing global clients to test the product in today’s market environment. We work with innovative brands that are excited to partner with startups and establish a first mover advantage. We then use the real-time market feedback for our existing global brand relationships to help the founders develop a broad strategy, branding and a go-to-market plan. By qualifying the market need for the product before admitting the company to join The Sandpit, we are able to win customers and drive revenue into the business from day one once they officially join The Sandpit.
If the Proof of Concept phase is successful, the company is onboarded into The Sandpit infrastructure: at this stage, our central marketing and sales experts will execute the full commercial plan and work towards the agreed KPIs. We will also help raise seed funding, if needed, and start building commercial and marketing teams into the company, under The Sandpit guidance.
Now the company is in “steady state” and it is time to scale. Whether it be sales, marketing, HR, finance or legal, we have all the right tools, proven processes, customisable templates and experienced staff the company needs to set up each function. While the founders focus on perfecting their product offering to an expanding customer base, The Sandpit team will make sure all aspects of the business are scalable, all staffing requirements are filled, and that the company is fully prepared to support the next phase of the accelerated growth.
The company is now experiencing strong growth, has an expanding client base and a team of dedicated full-time staff. It’s celebration time! Together, we have built a product into a successful business. Next, we will help the company move into its own new offices as we prepare it for Series A/B raising and/or a strategic M&A deal.
  • 700+ GLOBAL CLIENT BASE – Access to an extensive network of big global brands across the portfolio companies
  • HANDS-ON EXPERTISE – Support provide in the marketing and sales areas, as well as legal, HR, accounting and general admin
  • FUNDING – Access to an extensive investor network built over 15 years
  • SCALABILITY – Strong experience and focus on ensuring scalability for growth, funding and exits
  • CO-WORKING SPACE – A shared space on the Strand, home to exciting London digital marketing startups
  • INFRASTRUCTURE – Staff, tools, processes and templates for all stages of growth
  • NETWORK – Extensive UK and international network within the startup community, accelerators, angels and VCs
  • EXIT PLANNING – Help in preparing for a potential exit from the beginning, including the right integrations and M&A partners

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