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It can be hard to find your community in a city as big as London so we’ve kept our flagship a small space, which we’ve always felt makes it more intimate. If you’re a freelancer or team of two or three, you’ll find a supportive group here to keep you company and bounce ideas off. The space itself is flooded with natural light and feels like home.

This is a place where ambitious minds and problem solvers come together to make things happen. It’s your office, your playground, and your muse. On the surface, we’re building coworking spaces so you can focus you efforts on your business rathe than the chore of office managements, but it’d be boring if it were that simple. Beyond the practical, we’re making environments where your natural curiosity will inspire creativity and innovation.

  • Beautiful, creative spaces you’ll be proud to show off. The flexibility to expand your space here as the team grows, or decrease your usage in quieter months.
  • We’re a team of people who love innovation and doing things differently. So we’ll always be happy to talk about what you’re up to or tell you about the cool, new startups we meet.
  • Fun partnerships, fancy teas, comfy chairs, plants, breakout spaces and a bottomless supply of coffee and tea to keep your team happy.
  • A schedule of classes and workshops to expand your mind and your potential, or simply to meet other people in the startup community. You can even run your own event here.
  • Everything in one simple, flexible package so you don’t have to worry about bills, leases, hidden fees and the logistics of setting up your own space.
  • The company of a support crew to keep you sane, inspired and motivated. Every neighbour is a potential advisor, new hire, mentor, client or investor.

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