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We look for entrepreneurs and businesses who are building an exciting B2B hardware technology that has the potential to scale in large proven markets. We help the companies we invest in through equity investment, access to a network of industry experts, brokering corporate linkages and syndicating with other investors.

We only invest in market segments where we see the potential for rapid growth.  We are broadly focused onEnergy, Transport, Circular Economy, Smart City and Industrial High-Tech sectors.  We believe in the power of hardware innovation – often in combination with software – to revolutionise these sectors, providing long-term solutions that offer real bottom-line benefits.  Within this we look for businesses committed to solving real problems, rather than those developing innovations for innovation’s sake.

We believe our support is of the greatest value when it is tailored closely to the needs of your business. For that reason, we never offer money alone. Whether you are at seed stage or later level of investment, we are looking to support teams who will welcome our active collaboration, hands-on support and co-development of the business plan. If you have solved all the problems and all you need is finance, we are probably not the right partner for you.

We identify promising, innovative hardware start-ups and provide them with the investment and support they need to grow. We typically invest up to £500k at the seed stage, and up to £2m for later-stage investments.

If you want to start a conversation with us about how we can help your business, please submit your pitch deck or business plan using the form at the bottom of this page.

Whatever stage your company is at, we look for the following attributes:

  • A clear understanding of the problem you are addressing: What causes it? Why should we care? Are there any upcoming changes (e.g. regulatory restrictions) that are being pre-empted by your technology or product?
  • An innovative proprietary technology: How does your technology work? Where does the innovation lie? Howis what you’re doing better than what already exists?
  • Barriers to entry: Clear barriers to entry for competitors, whether through patents, business model, or otherwise.
  • A lean business: How are you using the latest technologies and techniques to do more with less? How are you taking advantage of strategic partnerships to increase your capacity?
  • A clear business model with obvious growth potential: What is your total addressable market? How will you make money? Why will customers be willing to pay? How will you grow into a multi-million pound business?
  • Financial plan: A budget that will take you to the next relevant fundable event.
  • A high quality team: Who are you and how are you qualified for this role? What skills and experience are you equipped with that make you uniquely able to solve this problem? How can you illustrate your commitment to the project? What gaps in your team do you need to fill, and when?

What we aren’t looking for:

  • Pure software companies: apps, social networks etc.
  • Blue-sky research projects or unproven technologies.
  • Entrepreneurs who are looking for passive investors. (We want to help you build your business as quickly as possible, and are looking for teams who welcome a hands on approach.)

We like people who are honest about their weaknesses as well as their strengths, so if there’s an area in which you feel our assistance could be most valuable – tell us!


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