How To Do A Background Check When Applying For A Job In The UK


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Whatever the job description, background checks are an essential part of the job interview. There are a few things that employers in the UK look for when interviewing future employees. The sooner you know what they’re looking for, the better prepared you’ll be in the future. 

If you’re someone who’s planning on applying for a job soon or someone who’s planning on hiring soon, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the basics you need to know about background checks and other things your employer will ask you during your interview.


The first thing your interviewer will ask you is for identification. In the UK, if you’re a foreigner, your employer will likely ask you for proof that you’re allowed to work in the country. As a future employee, you will need to have the necessary document or documents that prove that you’re eligible for the job. It’s the employer’s duty to let you know which documents you will need for your interview.

Background checks

Background checks help businesses know more about potential applicants. Employers use basic checks to help find the best person for the job and protect future potential vulnerable children and adults. Background checks can cover anything from credit scores to criminal records. Some lines of work will do a background check, whereas other industries or positions might not. Jobs in the airport, teaching jobs, or supermarkets will.


The next topic that might come up during a job interview is the topic of references. In some lines of work, employers will only hire you if you have a strong reference from a previous company or superior. When hunting for references to decorate your CV with, it’s important to know whom to ask for one. Make sure to get a decent amount of relevant references from the right people before your job interview. 

Qualifications and experience

Your qualifications and previous experience can influence whether you get a certain job. The employer is likely to ask you for your qualifications during the interview. Depending on the line of work, the employer needs to hire people who have the best qualifications for the job. If you are starting your day-care business, you need to hire people who have experience working with children, for example.  

Health checks

Health checks and inquiries are a common topic of discussion during most job interviews. Depending on the line of work, sometimes there are certain health requirements that you need to meet to be eligible for the job. This is not the case for all lines of work, so you need to be vigilant and make sure you’re not being discriminated against. The interview or employer handles letting the interviewee know if when and if health checks are necessary. 

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There are certain protocols when going into or conducting a job interview. The atmosphere needs to be professional and respectful, first and foremost. If you’re coming into the interview, expect to be able to provide identification and all the necessary documents. Background checks are not as uncommon as you may think, and they are nothing to be afraid of. References and previous experience are essential during the interview, and health checks should not be abused.

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