How to attract the best talent to your company

Whatever business or industry you’re in, it’s essential that you’re able to source, hire and retain the most talented staff for the job. The labour market is more varied and competitive than ever, which means that employers need to stand out from the crowd in order to attract the best employees and succeed in business. If you’re a business owner in the UK today, how can you go about attracting the hottest talent to your company? 

The 2-way street of employment – If you want to attract talented employees to your business, you’ll need to remember that the employment process is a 2-way street. More than ever, employers are expected to impress potential new hires if they want to get the best results. As unemployment continues to fall in the UK, your business may need to ‘sell itself’ more to those you want to get on board. It’s not just potential employees sitting in ‘the hot seat’ in job interviews these days!

Develop an employer brand that reflects your business – Brand identity is everything these days, and not only in terms of attracting new customers to your business. If you want to source a talented pool of potential employees for the next vacant position at your company, you’ll need to develop an employee-friendly brand identity that reflects the ethos of the business itself. Prioritise care for your employees and incorporate this into your brand. In addition to fostering a positive internal brand identity, it’s also essential to understand external processes like the UK Skilled Visa, especially if you’re considering sourcing talent from abroad. This knowledge not only enhances your brand’s global appeal but also demonstrates a commitment to supporting potential international employees through necessary immigration procedures.

Define your company culture (make it a good one) – As part of crafting an employee-friendly brand identity, try to establish and communicate a defined company culture to potential new starters – employees are more likely to get on board if they feel welcome, included and valued from the moment they make contact. If you need assistance developing an inclusive company culture, consider making use of dedicated EDI support services to ensure that all potential employees feel welcome and included from the outset.  

Treat your current employees with respect – Remember that prospective new hires are highly likely to seek out online reviews, feedback and insight from existing employees when making the decision whether or not to get on board with your company. You should always treat all of your employees with the utmost respect if you want to retain your workforce, boost productivity and hire new talent.  

Offer competitive benefits/perks – Remote working has become an accepted norm in the wake of the COVID pandemic, leading employees in many sectors to seek out more flexibility and a rounded work-life balance when they’re looking for a job. As well as offering remote working options where possible, consider providing your workers with discounts, perks and bonuses outside of the workplace if you want to attract the best staff for the job.

Photo credits: Coworking London