How a Drain Survey Can Save Businesses Money

It’s essential that your commercial premise is functional and operates without a hitch, but there are also safety checks which have to be carried out for legal compliance. Business owners have a responsibility to maintain their commercial property, as neglecting it could have devastating consequences, particularly financially. This includes taking care of drainage, which is rarely considered but is essential to the proper functioning of your business premises. Here are just a few of the ways that a CCTV drain survey can save your business money in the long-term. 

Sewer failure can cost your business revenue

You might be surprised by how little it takes for a drainage system to fail – just a small amount of material or damage can completely derail the system. But it can also be damaged from external sources such as tree roots. Whatever the cause of the damage or blockage, it can lead to a backup of waste in the pipes or localised flooding on your property. 


Depending on the business, such as food or catering firms, it’s even illegal to continue operating if there’s a flood or drainage failure. For others, it creates a less than desirable work environment for staff or customers, and could be hazardous to their health. The cost of repairing damage like this can be huge, but it can also represent a loss in revenue for the period where your business can’t operate normally. A drain survey can help you to avoid this problem by staying aware of the condition of the drains. 

Benefit from a precise diagnosis

One of the primary benefits of a CCTV drain survey is that it provides businesses with quick access to information about what the issue is, taking the guesswork out of resolving the issue. As drainage experts MTS Cleansing Services explain, “drain defects can cause blockages, flooding and pollution. CCTV drain surveys will pinpoint the cause of any issues for the best course of action, which might include relining the pipe to return it to better-than-new condition without the need to dig anything up”. Rather than assuming what’s required based on limited information, which could cost your more money if it’s inaccurate, a drain survey provides a more effective solution based on the problem. 

Minimal disruption to operations

Drain surveys don’t just save time and money, but they also minimise the disruption caused to your business. CCTV cameras do all the work and are efficient in diagnosing the problem. This is achieved by feeding a cable down the pipes, so that the camera can send images back to a monitor, allowing drainage specialists to identify the problem. Once the issue has been identified, the work can be carried out on the specific area of the drain where the blockage has occurred. Rather than needing to carry out a full-scale excavation to find what’s causing the issue, which can be incredibly disruptive, a drain survey enables a much quicker and tidier job that won’t impact your business as much, ensuring that you can carry on working as normal without the hassle. 

Avoid costly repairs in new properties

For business owners looking at taking on a new commercial property, there are lots of potential pitfalls to watch out for, so having the drainage systems checked and analysed is a wise decision before signing on to a potentially problematic property. CCTV drain surveys can be used to assess the drain systems in the new property, helping business owners to avoid any costly or time-intensive work in the future. Drainage systems are often overlooked but they need to be maintained just as carefully as any other aspect of a property, so it should form part of your annual checks when you sign on to new commercial premises. 

Final thoughts

Drains can be problematic if they’re not well-maintained, but a regular CCTV drainage survey, such as once a year, can be a good way of staying on top of any issues to ensure your business premises are running smoothly. Not only are CCTV drain surveys effective in identifying problems that have occurred, to enable a quicker resolution, but they can also be helpful in locating failure points or damage to the pipes so that they can be repaired to allow businesses to schedule in remedial measures before the issue becomes larger.

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